Kerala BevQ App going to break the chain of COVID 19

Kerala BevQ app launched in style for making awareness to bet Corona away. The fact that it is a liquor app launched by the state Kerala government for the purposes of making distance and thereby maintaining the economy. As the government of Kerala economy is highly appreciated on liquors and taxes. Due to the corona issue, this has put an end for a long time. Now, this BevQ app is bringing the update to put them back on track to maintain the economy as well as maintaining social distancing. 

Bevco MD G Sparjan Kumar said that the heap that the application is relied upon to take each day and the heap test will take at any rate seven days. Around nine to 10 lakh clients are relied upon to utilize the application consistently, and the hits on the application could be anyplace between 25 to 30 lakh on a given day. Under ordinary conditions, this could take in any event seven to eight days. Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Facebook page isn’t confirmed and the last post was made in 2015. This, nonetheless, didn’t prevent Malayalis who intensely started filling the page with remarks three days prior.

At every outlet consistently, customers who are utilizing the application are required to have a go at utilizing it on various occasions in a solitary day itself. While on some random day there would be around 2,000 to 3,000 people in the line before a Bevco outlet, this will be diminished to 400 to 500 people in the wake of giving space in the virtual line framework through the application.

While numerous states have just permitted liquor shops to open, Kerala has said that for the time being, individuals will initially need to put arranges and get e-tickets on BevQ before they can go to the doled out shop to get the containers. On Tuesday morning, the Kerala government affirmed that the application had been endorsed and would be accessible on the application store by Wednesday or Thursday. Liquor deals are required to start on Thursday.

The Officials said the offer of alcohol should be possible through online tokens in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday or Wednesday. BEVCO would like to get Google’s authorization soon and the application will be prepared for download tomorrow. At the point when the surge is finished, the token framework can be ended by means of the application. Simultaneously, a senior designer of the organization says that the application is probably going to get the endorsement of Google Play Store in around six days.

Conclusion –

Technology is providing a path to find the best day to come with BevQ app announcement. However, this is free of cost and moreover, the process of operation of buying the liquor online is made so beautiful in the future days.

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