Zonbase-The Recommended Amazon Research Tool

As per reviews and feedback provided by the Amazon sellers and the FBA virtual assistants working on different Amazon FBA related projects, the research quality and accuracy which was provided by the Zonbase was much valued and highly rated. Most of the Zonbase users were happy due the low pricing plan, and others were satisfied with the feature of all in one service platform. 

Zonbase-A Brief Introduction

Zonbase is a cloud based Amazon research software which help the Amazon FBA learners and the sellers to get the required online data and stats which are required for the main decision making processes like what to sell, in which marketplace to sell and when to sell on Amazon. 

Along the research services, Zonbase also provide coaching services to the learners and the new Amazon seller, who lack the skills and required information to sell on Amazon. 

Who needed Zonbase

Zonbase is offering two different type of services, first is the coaching services in which the Amazon FBA courses are offered and second are the research tools which perform different researches on Amazon. So, the Zonbase services are needed by the new Amazon sellers who are willing to start selling on Amazon and lack the skills and services to start selling successfully. These services are also needed by the Amazon FBA virtual assistants who want to start their career as Amazon FBA VA, providing remote services to the clients over the globe, having Amazon businesses. 

Zonbase Research Tools

Zonbase research tools provide the best and accurate data for analyzing a product, defining if the product would be able to make better sales, start selling the product on Amazon and then making the sales increase day by day. Once a business is started, Zonbase tools of sales optimization can also help the seller to optimize the listing when required and optimize the selling through Autopilot PPC campaigns. This tool also helps the product to rank on the first page of Amazon. 

Zonbase Coaching Services

Zonbase offers two different type of services under its coaching academy. Zonbase has free courses which are basic courses to know the Product Research, Product Listing and running PPC campaigns along the usage of the research tools. Apart from these free courses, the Zonbase offers different courses and modules for advance learners, willing to go further with the provided basic knowledge. 

Pricing Plans of Zonbase

The pricing plans offered by Zonbase are only of two types. First is the limited offer which is named as Standard Plan and it is offered in 37$. This plan lacks the service of Chorme Extension and the searches are limited for each day. Most of the searches are 10 per day. This pricing plan is best for learners who have just started their career in this field and don’t need to make high volume searches. 

Another pricing plan is the Legendary plan, which is offered in 67$ a month with unlimited search along the Chrome Extension service as well. 

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