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The YouTube to mp3 converter allows you to extract videos as mp3 audio and then add them to your MP3 collection. There are many free YouTube to MP3 converter applications. YouTube does not allow people to listen to music after closing the application. This is a disadvantage. Shockingly, the new YouTube Music does not allow you to listen to music after closing the application. This is why viewers extract audio from YouTube videos.

Before jumping to the most suitable application for converting YouTube videos to mp3, a question arises in people’s minds, is it illegal to convert YouTube to MP3? A year ago, Google threatened to convert YouTube videos to MP3 applications will be prosecuted. Nothing happened after that. Those apps and websites continued to run. Shockingly, these apps can be found in the Play Store, and these websites also have Google-driven ads. Other than that, there are no cases where anyone has been prosecuted for converting YouTube videos to MP3

In other words, it depends on whether the country is legal. In the U.S. copyright law, it is illegal to download and convert copyrighted works in accordance with the U.S. copyright law. This includes mp3, mp4, or any other file types during the video conversion process. However, if the music you download is for your personal use and not for your project, then you will be public and available for people to watch, then you know.

A German court found that merely changing the format was not illegal. Converting websites and apps has not been convicted of any crime, at least. This is a huge debate that is still going on in the US courts. This is a core issue. It may even prove legal, but no one can be sued for converting YouTube videos to MP3 format until the court makes a decision.

The law only applies to copyrighted videos, but the downloading and conversion of videos that are not copyrighted are completely legal. If the video is not protected by copyright, the owner does not even have the right to file a complaint against the person who downloaded or used it in their video. It is safe to download videos that are not protected by copyright.

Three best applications for YouTube to mp3 conversion are given below.

Today’s bestmp3convertor is the best application to extract MP3. This is the fastest way to convert YouTube videos to MP3. It is easy to use, the user interface is very good, to convert, you have to visit a website or download an app and paste the link of the video from which you want to extract audio. The site can also convert YouTube videos into various other formats, such as 3GP, WEBM, MP4, and M4A; it can also save videos in M4R format, allowing iPhone users to keep audio as ringtones.

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