You Can’t Stop BlaccCuzz With Their Newest Single “Commonwealth”

BlaccCuzz is coming in hot with his newest single “Commonwealth.” In this rap spiked with hard-hitting, hypnotic beats and fearless lyrics Cuzz spits fire about the love of his wealth. He draws upon his past experience growing up in the hoods of Pittsburgh, Pa adding legitimacy to an industry plagued by phony rappers. BlaccCuzz is no stranger to the game of drug dealing, prison, and death, which he uses to craft compelling rap narratives. He has seen it all and instead of running from the horrors of the streets, he has faced them down. These trials and tribulations have created a rapper as true to life and authentic as they come.

In BlaccCuzz’s last hit single “Turn on Me” he raps about how he has been slinging bricks and driving a beamer since he was 16. A friend who he thought he could trust sold him out to the cops which resulted in Blacc being sent to prison. He uses this experience to create a gripping rap about how you cannot trust anyone on the streets. “Commonwealth” makes for a great followup showcasing that sticking with the hustle can be risky but filled with massive rewards. Blacc says he is “the only topic don’t feel nobody else” implying that believing in and trusting yourself will get you much closer to an enormous wealth that you can fall in love with too.

True to Life Rap Artist

If you are sick and tired of imitation rappers who claim to be from the streets, then look no further than BlaccCuzz. He has faced many hardships that would cause lesser men to fold like violence, heartbreak, and betrayal while growing up on the streets. Instead of letting these experiences drag him down, he has used them to add an authentic tone to his trap rap game. Blacc’s love of music is what originally had him start his own label called Dream Big Empire. In the beginning, it was to support other emerging artists and local rappers, but he soon found himself disenfranchised with the entire industry.

While accompanying 8Ball and MJG on tour BlaccCuzz was inspired to rap for himself. It dawned on him that the rapper he had been looking for the whole time was inside. In 2018 he signed himself and began to produce his first raps about the fame and pain of life in the streets. With unflinching trap beats and fresh samples, he began releasing his other hit singles “All On Me,” “I’m Rich,” and “Thug Cry” throughout 2018.

Commonwealth” is BlaccCuzz’s latest hit in a long line of hits. It is what the industry craves right now and shows off Blacc’s uncanny ability to create all-out rhythms and straight-talking lyrics. If you have been searching for a badass and genuine take on life in the streets, then you will love BlaccCuzz. He is the true to life, the real deal gangster that will have you hanging on each and every word he spits. You can’t stop BlaccCuzz with his newest hit single “Commonwealth” and be on the lookout for other future hits that will surely take the rap industry by storm.

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