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Wuthering Heights star Hilary Heath get dies at aged 74 after a battle against coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is spreading globally, and at the European level, the most affected countries are Italy and Spain. This health emergency situation has led all governments to adopt steps against this health disease.

In the case of England, there is an upturn in positive cases and deaths in recent days from COVID-19.

It was confirmed that Johnson has been admitted to a hospital for the “persistent symptoms” of the disease and has had to be transferred to the intensive care unit of Saint Thomas Hospital in London. Many famous people in England are getting infected with this virus.

British actress Wuthering Heights get died from corona virus

British actress Wuthering Heights star Hilary Heath passed away last week after fighting against the corona virus. It is confirmed on April 9 by his godson, Alex Williams, on his Face book account. According to him, it is a great loss for the film industry.

Wuthering Heights star Hilary Heath started her film career in the 1960s. She was recognized for her participation in the British horror film ‘El inquisidor’ (‘the general witchfinder,’ in Spain) of 1968. Already in 1970, it became popular in a version of ‘Wuthering Heights,’ based on the Emily Brontë novel.

In the 1990s, she became a producer. She also earned a master’s degree from Oxford University in psychology and served as an addiction counselor and worked in clinics around the world, says her close friend.

Wuthering Heights star Hilary Heath had done many films in her career. And she is famous for her incredible work in the film industry.

Even though the actress, who also had a successful career in theater. She gets retired from acting career in the 1990s. She takes retirement from acting but continues to produce films. Hillary got married to Duncan Heath from 1974 until and has divorce in 1989. She has two children – Laura and Daniel

She did fight against the Coronavirus but cannot win. But the world always remembers her as one of the best actors and producers.

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