Why is Filtering Water So Important?

Due to the high temperatures that occur in summer, the body tends to dehydrate faster, which is why drinking water is essential for your health. According to experts, the recommended for a woman is 2.7 litres and for men 3.7 litres, that is, approximately eight glasses a day. In addition, when deciding what you will drink, it is important to keep in mind that about 70% of our body is water, in fact, it is the means of transporting nutrients and waste from the body. In addition, it allows some essential elements to reach the organs so that they can function properly. Here is the answer to why filtering water is important.

Needs of Water Purification

In most cities in the country, tap water contains a large amount of chlorine, tartar and heavy metals, elements that in the long run can cause health damage. That is why, for a long time, many homes have had a purified water dispenser, but what benefits does it bring? Purifying water is a necessity for many reasons, being, of course, the most important and essential to decontaminate it from any bacteria that threaten our health, we also have good food processing and the ability to avoid bacteria such as salmonella

One of the advantages is that it allows reducing the sodium present in the body, making it ideal for people with liver disease, hypertension or kidney complications. In fact, people who suffer complications in some of their organs, have diabetes or any type of complication with their health, are recommended to drink this type of water. The word “Water Filtration” or water purification is a resounding if for anyone, even for those who are already used to drinking tap water, this habit, of course, is not eliminated but rather is improved, integrating water quality products to ensure consumption of water without associated diseases.

Filtering is to eliminate organic remains and, depending on the system, some parasites. To make drinkable, on the other hand, is to eliminate all kinds of parasites and organisms dangerous to health.

How often should we change the filtration cartridges?

It is advisable to change the set of cartridges of the best water purifier in India depending on the quality of the source water from 3 to 6 months. It is extremely important not to miss this moment; otherwise, the reverse osmosis membrane element will fail. The fact is that in half a year bacteria start to multiply on coal cartridges, the membrane is afraid of three things: chlorine, iron and organics, so the timely replacement of these prefiltration cartridges will extend the operation of your filter for many years. The unit of the mineralizer for reverse osmosis is enough to be replaced once a year, of course, the more often you change it, the more saturated water with minerals you have from the tap of purified water, but we do not recommend changing it more than once every half a year. Visit the best kitchen appliance reviews for more information.

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