Why Ireland’s State Pension Is the Best You’ll Ever Find

The Irish National Pension Scheme (NPS) is the best pensions system in the world because it has a long-term vision and operates based on an ethical framework, not just for its members but for society as a whole. It invests billions of euros annually into different sectors of the economy to help create new jobs and opportunities.

What is the State Pension?

The Irish State Pension Ireland is one of the best benefits you will ever find. The pension is based on your contributions and is payable regardless of whether you are still working or have retired. In addition, the Irish State Pension is worth more than most other pensions in Europe.


To qualify for the Irish State Pension, you must have been resident in Ireland for at least five years before you retire. You must also have made at least 10 qualifying contributions to the national pension scheme during that time. If you are married, your spouse also qualifies for a State Pension if he or she has lived with you in Ireland for at least five years and made at least 10 qualifying contributions.


The Irish State Pension is worth more than most other pensions in Europe because it includes a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG). This means that even if inflation rises faster than the rate at which your pension increases, your pension will always be equal to at least 75% of its originally promised value. This guarantee makes the Irish State Pension one of the safest investments available, regardless of market conditions.


How much will you get?


Ireland’s state pension is one of the best in the world. You can earn up to €16,989 per year before tax and receive a full state pension of €17,394. This is more than twice as much as the UK’s equivalent – and three times as much as Germany’s.


Ireland also has one of the world’s most generous social welfare systems. This means that you will receive all your basic needs, such as food, shelter and medical care, free of charge. And if you have children, they will also be entitled to free school meals and childcare.


If you are aged 65 or over and have been resident in Ireland for at least five years before retiring, you will automatically become entitled to a state pension. If you have less than five years’ residence, you can still qualify for a pension if you have contributed at least 10 years’ national insurance (NI) contributions.


The Cost of Benefits


The Irish state pension is one of the best pensions in the world. It’s not just good value for money – it’s also very generous. And if you’re retired, you can be sure that your state pension will be enough to live on.


The basic Irish state pension is equivalent to around £16,000 a year. This is a high figure, but it’s still much lower than the average retirement income in Europe. In fact, the Irish state pension is almost double the average retirement income in Germany and more than three times the level in France.


Of course, there are some costs associated with getting a state pension in Ireland. The main cost is social security contributions – which are currently around 9% of your salary (or 11% for people over 65). However, these contributions are only payable for a limited period (around 10 years). So, overall, the costs of getting a state pension in Ireland are relatively low.


Overall, then, Ireland’s state pension is an excellent value for money. It’s generous and highly likely to provide enough income to live on after you retire.


When Can You Receive Your Pensions?


There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to when you can receive your Irish state pension. Generally, you can expect to receive your pension after you have worked for 40 years, provided that you have paid into the system throughout that time. The amount of your pension will depend on the level of your retirement income and the length of time you have been contributing.


Relying On the State Pension


The Irish state pension is one of the best in the world. It’s based on your average income and contributions throughout your working life, so it’s fair for everyone. And you can get it even if you’ve never worked before – you just have to be living in Ireland.


If you’re already retired, the Irish state pension is also very generous. You’ll get a basic amount plus a number of top-up payments depending on how much money you’ve saved over the years. Plus, if you’ve paid into the system for a long time, you’ll get a bonus payment every year.


So whether you’re looking for a reliable source of retirement income or just want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal, the Irish state pension is unbeatable.




Ireland has some of the best state pension systems in the world, according to Mercer. The country tops the list for “State Pension Quality” in five out of seven indicators: highest retirement in state pension age , minimum required contributions, social protection coverage, average benefits and indexation. Factor in Ireland’s low living costs and you have a retirement system that is both sustainable and affordable.


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