Why Install Laminate flooring for home floor

Laminate flooring has become very popular in recent years, but what is it? And why is it better than real wood? First of all, you need to know that laminate is not wood. It is actually a multi-layered synthetic composite flooring product, fused together with a chemical lamination procedure. Laminate flooring mimics hardwood with an attractive photographic grain finish, however, the inner core layers are typically made from melamine resin or low density fiberboard.

Reason to choose laminate flooring

With many homes being built today, laminate flooring accounts for the greatest percentage of floor sales. And yet, it’s not as popular as other types of floors. Why? Because cheap laminate flooring Dubai only costs about $7.00 a square foot, making it more expensive than carpet, vinyl, or tile. But if you use it wisely and install it properly, you’ll greatly enhance the value and quality of your home.

so attractive

So what makes laminate floors so attractive? The answer lies in its water-resistant properties. Water-resistant floor plans are designed with a surface that is semi-permeable. That means water can pass through the planks, but they will only be partially absorbed. If standing on the planks, water will splash to the floor, but if you are sitting on it, like a couch, it will just slide off.

Traffic areas

Another unique feature of laminate flooring, which was developed especially for high traffic areas, is its glueless design. Unlike hardwood, which needs an extra sealing coat of wax to keep it glueless laminate flooring can withstand everyday wear and tear. It’s virtually stain free, even after years of heavy use.

Water resistance

If you live in a high humidity area, or are concerned about water resistance, you should look at your hardwood flooring options. Depending on the grade of your wood, it could very well sustain damage from moisture and fungus. Laminate flooring’s water resistance is much better than that of solid wood, and it can also handle daily wear and tear much better. You can clean it just as you would hardwood flooring, and it won’t get damaged by termites. If you have children, laminate flooring offers a much safer learning experience than hardwood flooring can offer.

Several different types of coating available

Do you need a special coating applied to your laminate floors or the subfloor? There are several different types of coating you can use for your laminate floors. One type of coating is a weather resistant coating, which protects your planks from water, moisture, and stains. Another type of coating is an engineered coating, which gives your planks a better finished look and lasts longer than the standard weathering. Yet another type of coating is known as a melamine coating, which is very strong, yet is much cheaper than the other types of coatings.


The durability depends upon the grade of the lumber you buy, and the quality of the manufacturer. Higher grade lumber is more durable, so it will last longer. Laminate flooring with superior quality linoleum backing will be stronger and more resistant to scratching, chipping, or gouging. Laminate floors with thicker and wider planks will be more resistant to dents and dings.


When you want to install your new floors or replace old ones, you should make sure to hire a professional that knows exactly what they are doing. Laminate floor installation can be a little challenging because it involves the use of tools such as floor joists, underlayment, and caulk. When you purchase these products, make sure that you know if they come with installation instructions. If not, ask the retailer if they can mail them to you, or if you need to hire someone to do the installation for you. Laminate floors have a realistic appearance, but like real wood, they can also be affected by the elements.

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