Why Give Your Business a Vintage Feel with Neon Signs?

Why Give Your Business a Vintage Feel with Neon Signs?

If you’re looking to give your business the vintage feel, then it’s time to invest in retro signs and neon lights. These add-ons can turn your ordinary business into one that feels almost as if it were decades old (in the best way possible). Here’s how neon signs can help you achieve your goal of creating the perfect vintage atmosphere in your business.

History of neon signs

Neon signs date back to at least 1898 when an electric sign was first used for advertising. While neon gas wasn’t discovered until 1898, even before then, glass blowers had been experimenting with glowing tubes. The very first glow-in-the-dark sign created by British chemist and glassblower William Ramsay in 1894 was actually carbon dioxide that glowed red due to exposure to oxygen (neon signs are essentially pure neon which creates bright red light), but Ramsay later substituted neon after its discovery in 1898 and eventually sold glow lamps to local businesses. Now you know how vintage neon signs were first created.

Benefits of neon signs for businesses

For one thing, neon signs are a great form of signage for businesses. LED lights and other modern alternatives are great, but they don’t have that same vintage feel that makes custom neon signs so captivating. With less clutter and more character, these glowing lettering options make your business stand out among all others. They also add visual interest to storefronts while helping to draw in more customers. That’s why you should seriously consider giving your business an old-fashioned look with CustomNeon sign displays; we specialize in helping our clients create custom designs that best suit their particular needs and budgets. Our commercial signage services include light boxes, banners, posters and everything else you need to help promote your business properly!

How to set up and install your own neon sign

CustomNeon makes it easy to take care of your vintage neon signs. Instead of having to manually replace worn-out tubes, CustomNeon was designed for tubes that never need to be replaced: LEDs! LEDs don’t wear out like neon lights and they’re easier to maintain than even traditional glass tube neon signs. The average lifespan of a typical custom neon sign is 25 years; however, some have been known to last as long as 50 years. Since most custom signs are made with stainless steel or brass frames, they’re built to last. Even if they do get damaged over time, replacing parts is easy and inexpensive compared with how much you’d pay for an entirely new sign.

Tips for taking care of your neon sign

Neon signs, like any other business’s signage, are something that is purchased and put up in one location and then left alone. However, you may have noticed that there are many vintage neon signs around your area. To keep your neon sign looking its best as possible, it is important to note that they should be cleaned at least once per year. When you clean your neon sign it will look newer longer, along with increasing its lifespan. It is also important to remember not to get liquid on it because some can damage them right away and others take time before showing damage; however damage will happen if you don’t take care of it properly.

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