Why 80 Percent of People with COVID-19 have No Signs?


Today, I want to answer why 80% of COVID-19 infected people have no or mild symptoms.
And this may not just be because they have either a strong immune system or a weak immune system.
There’s something else that’s quite fascinating.

Let’s start:

I found some fascinating research which links getting immunity to a past coronavirus which there are four which will then give you some immunity to the current coronavirus be SARS COVID 2
very interesting.

And these viruses are responsible for very mild upper respiratory infections like the common cold.
They’re worldwide they’re very common, and the great majority of people I’m talking 60 to 90 percent were exposed to these viruses at one time.
So this study showed that if you’re exposed to one or more of these viruses, this could induce an immune memory against SARS COVID 2 because they all share a similar protein fragment.
It means that if we already have immunity to one or more of these viruses, then a much more significant percentage of us have heard immunity without ever being infected.

That’s between 60 and 90 percent of the population.
This more clearly explains why eighty percent of the population has virtually no symptoms of COVID-19 or very mild symptoms.
It’s not a hundred percent dependent just on the immune system. It has to do with if you had any bodies to these other coronaviruses, but what’s probably happening is this if you have a strong immune system. You have antibodies to some other coronavirus, probably going to have no symptoms if you have somewhat of a weakened immune system. You have antibodies you may have more mild symptoms.

Then you have the elderly you know maybe some guy that’s 95 years old who has mild symptoms.
Well, it could be he has antibodies, and then you have some of this younger who gets infected that gets sick well maybe they have a strong immune system. Still, they have no antibodies. They’ve never been exposed to any one of these viruses, and this also explains why certain people will end up in the hospital and will not do very well.

I wanted to create this blog post to tell you more about this herd immunity.
Herd immunity is where you need the majority of the population at least 60, maybe 70 percent of the population to have already been infected.
So they have antibodies so that at that point, we wouldn’t have to continue to practice this lockdown, but based on this data, we don’t need to achieve a 70 percent herd immunity.
We just really need to achieve a 30 percent herd immunity because we already have at least a 60 percent immunity base in these past viruses.
Sours of this information: Dr.erec berg.

Some foods for a good immunity system:

There are many benefits in garlic, I suggest making a garlic salt if you want to more use garlic.
Red bell peppers.
Citrus fruits.

Thank you sir, or madam, for reading!

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