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The most influential bloggers in the world write books, pose for magazine covers and make big bucks. Which one of these have been making the big bucks lately? Let’s find out!

Chiara Ferragni

Blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad is a 28-year-old Italian-born, Los Angeles-based girl whose Instagram profile is followed by over 5.6 million curious fans and 1.2 million who comment on her work on Facebook. The shoe line she created has garnered the attention of more than 300 distributors, earning her about $10 million last year. This year she opened her store in Milan and an online store. She is also the ambassador for the global brand Pantene and the face of Amazon Fashion in Europe. Also, readers saw her beautiful face on the covers of 25 different magazines, including theblondesalad.com. Chiara inherited her interest in fashion and photography from her mother, and already as a teenager she managed to gain popularity in various online communities, where she generously shared photos taken with friends. In 2009, before blogging was so widespread, she gained unheard-of popularity thanks to a blog called. Magazine Forbes has recognized it as one of the most influential personalities of our time in the fashion world.

Seth Godin

This popular and influential US business blogger is a marketing guru who also writes about modern technology. He is best known as a best-selling author. Some of his books have also been published around the world, such as the book Strategy for Success: How to Steadily Strive for Your Goal and The Purple Cow: How to Build Awareness of Your Brand, Products and Services. His blog sethgodin.typepad.com is considered one of the most widely read in the world, and in 2009, The Purple Cow was voted one of the 100 Most Outstanding Books of All Time. It turns out that in the marketing world until now, there hasn’t been anyone who could reasonably and enthrallingly explain what companies like Starbucks or Apple have that others don’t.

Paola Alberdi

Paola is the founder of Blank Itinerary, one of the most popular and well-known fashion blogs that chronicle her style and travels around the world on Instagram. She has been among the highest-earning bloggers in the US. Quien Magazine has also nominated Paula as one of the Top 31 women in Mexico in 2019. She gained widespread recognition after launching a fashion program in collaboration with Amazon called “The Drop.” She has worked with over 200 beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands in New York, Milan, and Paris. She has been the face of multiple luxury brands, including Bulgari, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, and more. Last year, Paola walked in the Rebecca Minkoff runway show at the New York fashion week 2019. She was also featured as the cover girl for top magazines like InStyle Mexico and Modeliste Magazine.

Paul Staines

An influential blogger in the British political world, writing under the pseudonym Guido Fox. The order-order.com blog has a very eye-catching style and is considered a venue for explosive discussions on various topics related to the British parliament – politics, rumor and conspiracy theories. The brainchild of a blogger, who was himself born in 1967, appeared in 2004. He is increasingly referred to as one of the leading political blogs by influential British publications. The author himself once worked as a public relations specialist, broker, and later founded his own electronic advertising agency.

Brian Lobig

On his blog, TheInkBlog.net, an East Coast business coach advises small businesses and sole traders on various business tools and the latest technologies that can ease the harsh everyday life of an entrepreneur. Brian has over 15 years of experience in quality improvement, human resources management and consulting. Particularly popular on his blog is the How to section, where he gives various useful tips related to online business management, which has become extremely popular nowadays.

Edison Ten

If you’re looking for reviews on the latest iPhone, Apple Air Pods, or other gadgets you couldn’t imagine your life without, then this American guy’s blog slashgear.com is just what you need. Edison’s blog has become so popular around the world that in one month he earns on clicks (a common advertising model on the Internet, in which an advertiser places ads on sites and pays their owners for each visitor who clicks on a banner or link) up to $ 80,000. Moreover, SlashGear blog is recognized as one of the best blogs built on the WordPress platform.

Gina Trapani

She has been called one of the most popular female bloggers in the world since she founded. From this blog you can glean a variety of tips on how to make our harsh and difficult life easier. For example, motorcycle owners may find out how easy it is to park their iron horse in winter parking. It also has tips on how to be happier by doing one creative thing a day, as well as, for example, all the information about the latest Pokemon Go Apple wristwatch. Apart from her involvement with the Gizmodo and Gawker Blog Empire projects, Gina makes about $110,000 a month from her Lifehacker blog.Lifehacker. com

Timothy Sykes

If you decide to start making some serious money, we recommend visiting Timothy Sykes’ blog timothysykes.com. Here you can not only see if you have millionaire habits, but also read inspirational articles about business, finance, stocks and entrepreneurship. What Timothy says is really worth taking seriously, as in addition to his blog’s monthly earnings of up to $ 180,000, he also makes about $ 2 million a month from various successful stock market trades.

Pete Cashmore

Mashable. com is one of the most dynamic resources on technology, social media, leisure, lifestyle and all the other pleasures of life. Pete is considered one of the youngest, richest and most beautiful bloggers and earns as much as half a million US dollars a month.

Michael Errington

The founder of considered the prophet of Silicon Valley, as his page collects technology news from around the planet every hour. Michael is also considered the most influential person on the planet in the field of new technologies. Although, if you follow all the latest gadgets, then you probably already know yourself that Michael earns up to $800,000 a month. This is what it means to start your own blog on time.

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