White LED Grow Lights Good for Gardening?

Are white LED grow lights good for indoor gardening? Are they more effective than a targeted spectrum grow light that provides different amounts of light at various wavelengths to the plants? To answer these questions, let’s first examine what an all-white LED grow light is made of. White is not a spectral color. Instead, it has a combination of different light colors.  The “white” LED grow lights on the market today are made with a blue LED with a phosphor coating, which converts much of the blue light into different colors. The most commonly available “white” LEDs use a phosphor called Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (YAG), which predominantly creates yellow light. However, 20% of the light produced by the blue LED is lost in this process, so these “white” LEDs are not as efficient at creating light as a pure-color LED.

So, are white LED grow lights good for indoor gardening? The short answer is yes, they will be able to grow plants indoors, but they are not the best choice by themselves.

Are white LED grow lights more effective than a targeted spectrum grow light that provides different amounts of light at various wavelengths to the plants?  No they are not more effective because the white LEDs can not provide a targeted blend of light energy at various colors, both in the visible light spectra and beyond.

A grow light that targets specific wavelengths required by plants for photosynthesis will outperform a white led grow light every time. The targeted LED grow light will be more efficient, use less electricity, grow bigger plants, and give more abundant yields. Grow lights that combine both white and mixed-spectrum diodes are the most effective. Plants need targeted wavelengths and light colors that boost the process of photosynthesis.  Many LED grow light brands utilize various color spectra and technologies. A full spectrum G8LED grow light is capable of growing healthier plants and producing heavy yields in crops. The G8 lights are incredibly efficient and do not waste any light that will not directly benefit the plants. These grow lights also have ultraviolet diodes, which facilitate resin production in plants, growing more trichomes. This is the desired outcome when trying to boost the potency of the plant product.

White Grow Lights Waste Energy

Typically, a white LED grow light has 4000k diodes in white on the entire board. These are blue diodes with a phosphor coating, which converts the light into a white color, which the human perceives.  About 20% of the light that the blue LED produces gets lost in the process of making it white.  Therefore, an all- white light is less efficient.

Top Performing LED Grow Lights 2020

Over the past several years, G8LED has transformed into one of the most innovative and reliable indoor lighting technology. These grow lights have a proven record of performance. With these lights, the plants yield match that of traditional, yet wasteful grow lights like HPS (high-pressure sodium). G8 lights aid in healthier plant growth, cultivate high yields, and quality harvests. Before choosing these lights, however, you need to make sure that you use the best wattage for your grow space. The area of the grow space will determine the amount and wattage of lights to be used.

Upgrading a grow room with one of the best LED grow lights is a wise investment that will pay off quickly. The precise, targeted spectrum is unmatched in effectiveness for growing healthier plants indoors and producing bountiful yielding crops.

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