Which is the Best Time to Visit Ramoji Film City?

Ramoji film city set up by Rmaoji Rao in the year 1991 is the best and perfect place for Bollywood and cinema lovers. It has been a popular visiting place among locals as well as tourists coming to Hyderabad. 

About Ramoji Film City 

It is spread around 2500 acres and has been crowned as the World’s largest film studio on complex under the records of Guinness Book of World Records. 

It features various locations which you will find interesting like Japanese Gardens, Hollywood Signage, London street, etc and as soon as you enter the film city you will be welcomed with a copy of the London Bus. 

The London bus will pick you up as well as will drop you off alongside a town that is pretty much similar to the Texas countryside. 

You can also enjoy the Rajasthani culture in Amer Palace and apart from the entertainment spots you will get the best eateries in the film city and with unlimited adventure and fun, you are going to enjoy your time in the film city. 

Best Time for Visiting Ramoji Film City 

If you are planning to visit Ramoji city then you must know about the best time when you can visit the film city. We would suggest you visit the film city in winter from October to February. We have prepared a breakdown sheet for you so that you can take a reference from it. 

Film City During Summers 

Summers in Hyderabad is from March to May when the weather is extremely hot and if you are not a fan of summers then you must not visit Hyderabad during Summer. 

The temperature reaches as high as 45 degrees and this temperature can make your visit to the film city hectic. 

Film City During Monsoons

The period between June to October marks the Monsoon period in the city of Hyderabad. Though the weather is pleasant yet, you might face the trouble of rain. 

Thus we would suggest you avoid the monsoon period to visit the film city. 

Film City During Winters

Coming to the time of winter which is from October to the end of February is the best time if you want to visit the film city. 

The temperature will be low and the weather will be pleasant and you do not need to worry about the rain also. 

Things Not to Miss When Visiting Ramoji Film City 

There are some things that you should not miss when you visit the film city and these places will make your life and your tour to Hyderabad memorable. 

You should try to visit Movie magic park, kids park, bird’s park, adventure land, Eureka, Borasura, etc as these places will fill your journey will fun and adventure and you will surely enjoy visiting these places. 

You will get all facilities of vehicle parking and other things so this means you will face no problem in visiting the film city and you can add pleasant memories to your tour and journey. 

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