Which glasses will fit best for your anti-blue light lenses?

Has this pandemic opened the opportunities for trying out something new and exciting and also the door for health issues? Well, we got an indefinite time for ourselves to enjoy and do whatever we want apart from, but this has also opened the doors of various health issues. You can even buy eyeglasses online anytime you want. 

The health concerns 

What happens is that during this lockdown we have accustomed ourselves to sitting at one place for quite a long time. It automatically affects our bodily movement and might cause health concerns as well. The same goes with our eye muscles, they are never resting until the time we sleep, one of the hard-working muscles does require your care as well. While you sit in front of the digital screens, your eyes keep for an indefinite time continuously without any rest, and apart from that, the eyes are exposed to the blue light. Now, the current generation is much more aware of the harmful effects of blue light, now let’s understand them in detail. 

What is blue light? 

Blue light is the visible light spectrum that is emitted from both natural and artificial sources. The biggest natural source of blue light is none other than the brightest star in our solar system that is the sun. The sun emits a large quantity of blue light apart from that when we talk about the artificial source of blue light is digital screens and LED lights. 

Now, you usually do not spend most of your time outside rather indoors in front of your laptops. So the most amount of blue light that you are exposed to is via your digital screen. 

The effects 

Now, we are more exposed to these blue lights than ever before, and there is no escape anytime soon when it comes to our work. Spending your time in front of the screens makes you overexposed to the blue light. One might experience eye strain and fatigue while sitting in front of the screen and constant major and minor headaches as well. It becomes much harder to concentrate at work, and also affects the productivity of the person. 

Many people also experience the issue of dry eyes while sitting in front of the screens. Well, these issues have simple and smart solutions that help to tackle the situation smartly. 

Remedies and advantages 

The very first method to combat the effects of blue light is to switch to anti-blue light glasses, with prescription or non-prescription glasses. Apart from that, one must actually consider taking breaks in between while working in front of the screens and enjoying the greens. 

Do you know why it is generally advised to not use digital screens at night? The blue light can actually affect your sleep cycle and causes a person to miss their sleep time. So it is advised to switch to night mode and use glasses that block blue light, apart from that, you can avoid using phones at night. 

To prevent the dry eye situation you have to do nothing just remember to keep blinking the eyes while working on digital screens. 

How do these remedies prove beneficial?

  • Anti-blue light glasses help in blocking 100% blue light from reaching the eyes. 
  • It provides an ever-required relief from eye strain and fatigue. 
  • It provides an escape from the constant relief. 
  • Protects from the pertaining future issues. 
  • Increases productivity as it eliminates all the negatives that affect productivity at work. 

If one’s issue is severe and not resolved with these remedies, then better consider consulting an expert and take appropriate remedies. 

Best styles for glasses 

Now when you are all set to buy blue light glasses, the next thing is you must get absolute stylish frames for your glasses. There are an nth number of opportunities available when it comes to choosing a perfect style of glasses. Here are a few suggestions for the glasses for men that you might want to consider for your all-set blue-light glasses. Do remember these are just suggestions, and opportunities are infinite to try on. 

Round glasses- These are a set of glasses that have been topping the charts for quite a long time. A perfect pitch for the face shape that is angular and sharp, a perfect confidence booster. 

Square glasses- A saviour for the one with soft facial features, these are the glasses that you might want to consider if you want to give that one hype to your features. 

Aviator glasses- These oldies are the ones to set the bar when it comes to creating a style statement of its own and it’s in no way left behind. 

Sports glasses- After being entered into the mainstream, these glasses have created havoc with their unmatched style and unique sense of fashion. An instant style booster of your dreams. 


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