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When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

It’s a little bit shocking when you visit your dentist due to your wisdom teeth and they say it’s time to get them removed. But sometimes even when the wisdom teeth don’t hurt they need to be removed. Nowadays removing a wisdom tooth is standard practice, to avoid it affecting other parts of your mouth. Do not mistake it for its name as it does not make anyone wiser.

Our dentist in Mooresville, NC helps people with their oral health issues like wisdom teeth. These third stages or late-stage molars are very painful and cause discomfort for a few. When the teeth tend to cause any damage to your other teeth then your dentist may recommend removing them. But it’s very essential to be self-aware of the conditions before extracting your impacted wisdom teeth. Here are the red flags you should not avoid about your wisdom teeth: 

  • Damaging nearby teeth: Your permanent teeth are already positioned and these later extra molars erupting can forcefully move them or shift their position. It causes overcrowding, pain, bites issues which makes it more difficult to brush and floss adequately. If you do delay in the treatment then it might lead to an extensive straightening process to make the other impacted teeth right. 
  • Causes Harm to the Jaw:

The pain and the swelling in the jaw can make anyone restless. Like your other teeth, wisdom teeth sometimes do not come through your gums while sometimes there is no space left near the teeth to help them grow well. Mostly wisdom teeth impact the jaw and the placement of other teeth. The pain and the movement of teeth can limit the opening of your mouth. Sometimes, cysts are formed, which, when untreated can severely damage the nerves and the neighboring teeth. 

  • Pain 

People with impacted wisdom teeth go through the worst pain. People realize that they have an impacted wisdom tooth or teeth when they start experiencing the pain. But like all the other oral health issues, it starts small and virtually undetectable. You will also experience sensitivity, toothache, and throbbing sensations which shouldn’t be ignored. 

  • Gum Inflammation 

Gums are an essential part of your oral health, and thus, they suffer due to the impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth cause the gums to swell and make them difficult to clean. These reddish areas are sore to touch and make it difficult to brush and floss adequately leading to other gum diseases. 

It is essential to take an early step if have a small intimation of impacted wisdom teeth then you should visit your dentist quickly. Our dentists at Mooresville Dental Group offers comprehensive checkup to examine your oral health. They are known as one of the most trusted Cosmetic Dentistry in Mooresville, NC offering exceptional treatment options that meet your unique oral health needs. You can get the most effective teeth whitening in Mooresville, NC at our practice. Wait no more, book your appointment with our experts now!  

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