When Is the Best Time To Do a Renovation Project?

Every renovation project begins with a detailed plan, and your plans must include a start date. If you want to know when the best time is to do a renovation project, check out this straightforward guide. And don’t forget to schedule your projects accordingly!

Backyard Upgrades

Backyard upgrades like a new patio or updated landscaping are best to schedule for the springtime. Typically, people enjoy their backyard during the summer months, and you want to ensure that workers have enough time to finish the space. Early spring is ideal for outdoor plans, including creating your dream patio or building a backyard shed.

Kitchen Renovation

The best time to do a kitchen renovation project is during the summer. The hot weather and seasonal holidays pull many homeowners away from their houses to embrace the summertime. This allows workers to renovate the kitchen while you enjoy summer plans. It’s wise to make a temporary kitchen in another part of your home while waiting for project completion.

Window Installation

New windows can spruce up any home. If you’re interested in window installation, save this project for spring or summer. Spring makes the installation process bearable for workers, allowing them to work before the sweltering temperatures set in. However, the summertime is still a popular season for seeking new windows. Ultimately, plans depend on the contractors and their availability.

Bathroom Project

Late winter is a suitable time for bathroom projects. During colder months, renovators don’t receive a lot of calls, making it a slow season. You’ll likely experience better prices and attention to detail for bathroom renovations in the winter. Start making calls in January or February to secure project plans.

Curve Balls To Consider

One thing to do before starting a home renovation project is to prepare yourself for potential delays. Though seasonality influences weather, other issues can occur beyond surprise thunderstorms. A common curve ball comes from unforeseen costs. Even with careful budgeting, projects can derail from overpriced material.

Another curve ball stems from project delays. Depending on the project, workers may not complete renovations within one season. If you’re aiming for a specific completion date, it’s best to give workers wiggle room for minor delays.

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