What’s Different In Mobile Seo Services VS Desktop

If you are thinking about how to make SEO strategies strong and effective. Then, here we are before you finalize any strategy related to SEO know the difference between Mobile SEO and desktop SEO. Knowing the difference between these two is very important if you are stepping into the world of SEO. People do not understand them properly and fail to get traffic to their websites which leads to losses. Let’s first learn the meaning of SEO. 

What is SEO? 

It is a Search engine optimization that helps users to bring up the information on their screen about what they are searching for. 

What is Mobile SEO? 

When mobile SEO optimization works on a mobile screen then when a person searches for something only 2-3 websites will come on the screen as a result because the results are shown vertically. After all, the mobile screen is vertical. Every other option gets hidden at the bottom. 

What is Desktop SEO? 

When SEO works on a desktop screen then when a person searches for something only 5-6 websites will come on the screen as a result because the results are shown horizontally. After all, the desktop screen is horizontal. More options are visible on the screen in comparison to the mobile’s screen. 

How are they different from each other? 

They are different from each other in many ways: –


Mobile SEO shows fewer options at the top because of the big size of the letter. On the other hand, the desktop screen shows more options on the top.

Click rate

Click rates are less on Mobile SEO because people do not scroll till the end to open websites one by one and see. They mostly choose the first option to go for. If we see the desktop SEO then the click rate on the top 5 results is more in comparison to the mobile SEO.


The features of mobile SEO services are limited in comparison to mobile SEO. 

Screen layout

It is also an important difference. The mobile screen layout is vertical this is why only 2-3 options appear on the screen. Whereas the desktop has a horizontal screen layout which gives the space for 4-5 results on the top of the screen to be visible to the user.


The desktop site speed is relatively more than the mobile site speed. SEO features work better with Desktop SEO.


If people search for something local they use their mobile phones but if they want to search for something broad they use a desktop. In other words, search results are a little bit different on mobile SEO and desktop SEO.


I hope now you have understood the difference between the two and keeping in mind these differences make your SEO strategies strong and effective. Share this post with your other friends who also need to know about the difference between mobile SEO and desktop SEO. I hope this information is beneficial for you and you appreciate the efforts that we put into collecting all the necessary details. 

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