What to Look for while Choosing a Pashto Tutor?

The most cardinal step to take, after deciding to learn a new language is to find out a professional and properly qualified tutor. who is qualified enough to help you pull off your goals. If you have decided to learn Pashto language then selecting a competent teacher can assist you to learn the language like a piece of cake. Learning a completely new language can prove to be quite a task, you can face many difficulties and hiring an instructor, who can help you learn it superbly with different methodologies, can make it even more interesting by using different techniques and tools. Here are some traits to look for while choosing a Pashto tutor:

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Communication Skills and Qualification

A Pashto tutor should always have a good command on language and the instructor should be an effective communicator. The teacher must have comprehensive knowledge about the grammar, vocabulary and its dialects to make sure that student learns the language in the best way possible. Qualification is as important as communication. The tutor should have a genuine degree in respective field required. A bachelors is good but if the teacher did masters in Pashto linguistics, that’s much more appreciated. The way a perfectly qualified tutor can help you learn Pashto no one else can.

Collaborative Attitude 

Pashto is one of the most perplexing language, and can be difficult for the student to understand and learn it thoroughly. Consequently, a tutor with collaborative, empathetic, kind-hearted and humble attitude can make it uncomplicated for the student and the student will also not feel burdensome.

Patient and Good Listener

When you are learning a new language, dozens of queries pop up in your mind and those can be answered only by an experienced tutor. A lot of tutors can get irritated if the student keeps on asking questions. Students discover new things when their questions get answered and for that a tutor who is a good listener is needed. A righteous Pashto teacher is always patient when it comes to dealing with the questions of students.

Genius and Inventing Teaching Methodologies

Eminent Pashto teachers around the world uses the most ingenious and innovative tricks and techniques to make sure that students learn this difficult language like it is as easy as a pie. The most famous trick that they use to help student learn this language easily is to practice pronunciation, drilling pronunciation is used like in other Indo-Iranian languages. Most of the tutors use play cards as a technique to make students understand the language easily.


A tutor who is teaching you a completely different language should always be motivating and encouraging. When it comes to teaching students, a teacher should always be positive minded. If a student is making progress little by little and the teacher is not motivating and encouraging the student at all, this can have a negative effect on the student’s mind and can affect the learning ability of the student as well. This can also discourage the student from learning Pashto and losing confidence.


A competent Pashto teacher should always have a good grip on Pashto and should be able to deal with problematic situations effectively. Pashto tutor should always have knowledge about folk tales, customs and cultures related to Pashto language as well. Grammatical grip is as important as any other skill in Pashto


Once you have decided which language you are going to learn, it can be quite difficult to choose a tutor for yourself. The tutor should have a good latch on grammar, pronunciation and dialects.

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