What to Do When AT&T Email Server Is Temporarily Unavailable?

AT&T is a company that provides email services to people. To make an account on this email service is very straightforward. It is an American company. Like Yahoo, Gmail,  Hotmail, and other email services AT&T email also provides adequate facilities to send and receive emails. People who are using its benefits and services are very delighted because they can work smoothly. But recently people are facing the problem that their AT&T mail server is temporarily unavailable. If you are on this page then I am sure you are facing this problem but do not worry. By taking care of a few things and fixing them. You will again be able to use AT&T services smoothly. Continue reading to know about the reasons why the server is temporarily unavailable and its solutions. 

Reasons – Why is the Server Temporarily Unavailable  

Improper Internet Connection 

If your internet connection is unstable then your email services will not work and you will face problems like a temporarily unavailable server. 

Browser not Working 

Sometimes the browser you are using does not work properly and as a result, it is unable to connect to the servers, and you face server-related issues. 

Login Issue 

If you have by chance logged in by typing the login information incorrectly then it is sure that you will face an issue like this. 

Administration Settings Issue 

Sometimes email services require verifying the Administration settings. If you have not done that, it can also be a reason for this trouble. 

Technical Glitch 

If there are any technical glitches in the back end, this can also be the reason for this trouble.

Solutions to Getting Rid of the Temporarily Unavailable Server Issue 

Internet Access 

If you are having unstable internet access on your device then check the status of it and connect the device you are using to a stable internet connection.  

Change the Browser 

Change the browser you are using currently because sometimes some activities you can not do some work on a particular browser and you have to switch to the other browser. Do it and see if it is working for you or not. 

Login Again 

Maybe there can be a login issue. So,  log out from your AT&T account and log in again. If it is just a login issue then by doing this simple step you can get rid of the issue. 

Administration Settings 

You need to verify your administration settings of ATT webmail. Wait until the verification process gets completed and after that, you will see that now you are connected to the server. 

Technical Glitch 

A technical glitch can occur in the back end and now you have to wait for some time after a while to try again and use AT&T webmail


If you are not using the latest updated version of ATT email hosting, then go and use the latest updated version if it is available because sometimes some devices do not support the old versions. 

Clear Cache 

When you use any application then it automatically stores some data of the application as a cache and sometimes it creates an issue. Go and open the settings of your device and clear all the cache data. 

Customer Care 

After using every solution mentioned above if you are still having an issue then contact customer care services. They will try to solve the issue related to web hosting ATT


These are the 8 solutions to try when the AT&T email server is temporarily unavailable. Try these if the AT&T email is not working. If you are worried about it then do not panic. This is a common issue that can occur in any application that you use. If you are facing this issue then use some of the above-mentioned according to what you think can be the reason behind the temporarily unavailable server. Whenever anyone faces this issue people try these hacks and get rid of their trouble. I assure you that you can also solve the issue if you follow the steps carefully. I hope you read this article to the end and find it beneficial. Stay connected to read more helpful articles like this. 

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