What Length Bedroom Curtains Do You Use?

How long do you use bedroom curtains in Dubai? It depends on how much space you have to hang them in. To use them properly, you need to know how many square feet you have to cover.

Choose the one size best fits your room

Different formats are available, so you should choose the one that fits your room best. You can find curtains that are three panels wide, four boards, or five committees full.

These are good for bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. More extensive size ranges will help with dressing rooms and entertainment.

That is not a deal breaker because most stores sell 2.75 to 2.75-inch wide curtain. However, the most affordable alternative is 1-inch wide curtain, which is also the most common. You will get fewer results with a 4-inch curtain as there is more space between the sheets and for the seams to get to the edge of the curtain. There are some shades on the shelves where you can buy different options.

Consider your material for curtains

You also need to consider what content you want the curtains to be made of. You can buy curtains that are silk or velvet. If you are using velvet, the curtains may grow and twist on you. But if they are made of silk, it would be more difficult for them to get loose. You might want to choose curtains in Dubai made of a different material, as this will make it easier to zip up.

YKK is made of very sturdy material, and it will not get loose on you even if it is fully open. When you make your curtains, make sure you use other kinds of piping as well.

Colors and patterns

You will find there are many colors and designs available for you to choose from. The color you choose will be based on the fabric. There are even some that come in solid colors.

Shades of different colors for your curtains

You can get those that are in solid colors, and you get an opaque white, or you can choose those that are opaque in some areas but cotton wicks in others. Some people like to have shades of the same color.

Extra space in your room

You can use drapes if you have an additional room in your house. There are no curtains to get in the way. They will open the window and give you extra natural light. Try to place the closet into the closet that the room was built in. This will help keep your room light, clean, and protected from the elements.

Always choose the right size

No matter what type of curtains you get in your room, you should always choose the right size. Get the measurements of your window before you go shopping. You don’t want to buy something too long that will block your view out.

Window shades are also a very personal choice. If you love them, you’ll have the right window. If you’re more afraid of a cold window that’s open for all the cold weather, you may end up leaving some of your choices under the mirror. Get a cheap but good quality glass shade.

Free quote before buy

Most Canadian companies will give you a free quote before you buy it. It is always a good idea to ask them for samples of other colors or styles.

Perhaps before making the final purchase, you want to check them out.

Get help from professionals

You also want to get someone with experience helping you get the curtains you want. There is nothing worse than finding that you bought the wrong size. You can run into problems by buying something too big or too small.

You can get different ways to hang the curtains. You can get hooks, rings, or valances. You can also get ones that fold up for secure storage.

Can fit any size windows

The unique thing about curtains is that they can install any size windows. You can hang them at any height. You can get a large print or just a little bit of white.


To sum it all up, you should learn how to hang your curtains. You want to get the right size and hang them at the right height. You can add more light to your room by using curtains in a large window.

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