The Thermage(r) procedure uses a patent-pending radiofrequency (RF) technology known as ThermaCool(r). It has been scientifically proven to smooth and tighten skin to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the facial contours. The procedure Thermage 眼 that is incision-free is quick and simple, and doesn’t require any time off from regular activities. The procedure can be done on all types of skin. This ThermaCool(r) device is approved by the FDA for non-invasive treatment of facial wrinkles. It is the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center provides this procedure for neck, face eyes, and body. This procedure is available in the Larkspur office.


Anyone can be an ideal person to undergo Thermage(r) procedure. Patients with moderate to mildly wrinkles Thermage will be more likely be benefited from this treatment as opposed to those with extreme facial wrinkles. Ideally, those seeking skin tightening treatments using Thermage(r) will be between 30 to 65 who are experiencing the first signs of the process of aging. Also, the treatment is best for those looking to enhance the look on their necks, brow and eyelids as well as their cheeks and the jowls.

It is essential to set realistic expectations prior to going through an aesthetic procedure. Although this procedure will enhance general appearance your face, it is not going to bring about any drastic transformations. Make sure you discuss your goals during your appointment to ensure the doctor and you. Armen Serebrakian are on identical page.


The ThermaCool(r) device utilizes a highly-technical treatment tip known as ThermaTip(tm) that delivers the right amount of radiofrequency energy. Each time you touch the skin The ThermaTip(tm) device evenly warms the collagen within the deeper layers of your skin and the tissue underneath and protects the outer layer of skin by cooling. The uniform heating creates deep structures within the skin to instantly to tighten. As time passes new and rejuvenated collagen is created to further improve skin tightness, Thermage FLX leading to smoother, healthier skin with a younger appearance.


Thermage(r) facial rejuvenation treatment is an effective treatment to restore youthful beauty to your face. The benefits of this procedure include:



In certain instances, Thermage(r) is used to tighten and reduce the wrinkles and loose skin on the body. Make sure to talk with your doctor regarding your concerns in the initial consultation.


Following the Thermage(r) process, the skin is smoother, more tight, and appears more youthful. In time, further tightening can be felt.

Recent studies published by Thermage(r) demonstrate that significant improvement in tightening occurs slowly over a period of two to six months after one treatment. Many patients have experienced an earlier reaction.


Since it doesn’t use any chemical and fillers to treat, Thermage(r) is considered to be a very safe procedure. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not without the possibility of hazard. The most common side effects of Thermage(r) the tightening of skin are:

  • Sensitivity to the skin that lasts for a short time
  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Light swelling

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