What Is The Legal Procedure To Apply For A Business Visa In Australia? Get Legal Advice

What Is The Legal Procedure To Apply For A Business Visa In Australia? Get Legal Advice

Australia is a nation that provides plenty of opportunities for businesses across the globe. Many business owners have claimed that they have benefited when doing business within the Australian soil. To conduct business in Australia, you need a business visa. This particular visa will help business owners, senior executives, and investors to settle down in Australia. The visa will also give them the chance to operate their business within the country. 

Types of business visas available

When it comes to establishing a business within Australian soil, you must opt for the correct visa. Australia provides several types of business visas for all international business owners and investors, and to know what they are, check the information below. 

  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa [Subclass-188]: This particular visa is for those individuals who wish to establish a brand-new business in Australia. The visa is also ideal for people who want to manage an existing business within the country. The Business Visa Subclass 188 has three parts, Business Innovation Stream, Significant Investor Stream, and Business Investor Stream. Except for the investment retirement visa, you will receive a pathway towards PR or permanent residency.

  • Business Talent Visa [Subclass-132]: Business Talent Visa stands out as a permanent residence visa. It is provided to those individuals who have been nominated through the Territory Government Agent or the Australian state. To obtain this particular visa, you have to provide an EOI or Expression of Interest through the Skill-Set and get invited to apply for the visa. When it comes to applying for this particular visa, you can do it either outside or inside Australia.

  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa [Subclass-888]: This particular visa is known as the second part or stage of Subclass 188. With the help of this visa, you can actively conduct your business within Australia with no issues. To become eligible for the visa, you must first complete the requirements of Subclass 188. Since subclass 188 is a provisional visa, completing that process is highly essential. The Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 888 also has three parts, a significant investor stream, a business innovation stream, and an investor stream.

  • Investor [Residence] Visa [Subclass 893]: The Investor Visa Subclass 893 is a Territory or State-sponsored visa. It is given to individuals who are sponsored either by the state authority or territory in Australia. If you want this particular visa, you must provide proof that you held a designated investment within the country for 4-years straight. When you already have a Territory/State Sponsored Provisional Visa Subclass 165, you are eligible to apply for the Subclass 893 Visa. 

    Why opt for legal advice when applying for a business visa?
    Business visas are viewed as the most complicated visas of all time. There are many areas within the business visas you might not understand, and for that, you need professional help. Taking legal advice from the immigration lawyer Perth will help you apply for the visa correctly. When you have made plans to travel to Australia to handle an existing business, getting the right immigration advice is highly essential.
    It will not help you understand how exactly the visa works, but you will not experience any problem when you apply for it again in the future. The visa lawyers are pretty knowledgeable on business visas, as they have helped many investors and business owners with it. No matter what type of visa you choose, the lawyers will provide you with some background information on each of them. Apart from that, these Migration lawyers can also guide or assist you during the visa application process. 

Taking their advice tips and tricks will enable you to obtain a business visa without much hassle. They are highly qualified and have the answer to all visa-related things. Apart from that, the lawyers will also help you with the PR process. They will tell you the best way to apply. The lawyers also give you all the details on the documents you need to provide, the information you need to fill. The lawyers will also provide you with an estimate on how much you have to pay for the entire visa application. 

How do apply for a business visa?

When it comes to applying for a business visa, the process is pretty simple. You need to apply for the visa through the online platform, and you can do so either from your home country or Australia itself. You need to below the age of 55. You also need to complete the point test, where the score should be around 65. Apart from that, you must have an own business that has a turnover of AUD 500,000. 

As a business owner, you also need to provide all the important documents, such as personal information, passport information, and so on. Make sure to provide all the correct information during the visa application process. A minor error can cause a massive issue with your business visa process. If you are experiencing some trouble with the visa application process, you can contact Migration lawyers. They are well-informed in such areas and will provide you with step-by-step guidance. 

Once you have collected all your necessary information, review them one last time before submitting it. Check to see if you missed out on anything, or whether there is a spelling mistake. Correct all the errors, add all the details that were missing, and then submit them. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the Australian Government when applying for this visa. Doing so will help you avoid unwanted issues from occurring.

Parting words

There are many individuals out there who wish to expand their business globally. It will not just help them gain success, but will also grow their business at a rapid pace. If you are interested to do business or manage a particular business in Australia, you will need a business visa for it. There are several types of business visas available, and you must go for the one that matches your business requirements. 


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