What is the best hair transplant?

A hair surgeon's view.

Hair repair surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Many people choose hair transplant surgery because they want to improve their appearance. A hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon can offer you a new look, without the hassle, pain, and expense of other cosmetic procedures. Here is a hair surgeon’s perspective on the best hair transplant procedure.

To start your search, contact the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, a consumer group that carefully screens skilled and ethical hair, transplant surgeons. The Association does not allow doctors who perform hair transplantation to join, and it is the only society that acknowledges all surgeons.

Next, find about the time prospective surgeons have worked with their teams. Larger clinics have a higher staff turnover rate, so going to a single practitioner or group has been usually the best option. However, since the intro of turnkey FUE harvesting devices, you must know who your technicians are and whether they work full time for the surgeon.

Make certain you do:

  • Request sets off before-and-after photos of previous patients, taken at the same angle, with the same background, and in the same lighting, and clearly showing the hairline and the mid-anterior scalp.
  • Unfortunately, images or videos presented to you, the prospective patient, are not always of patients of the physician with whom you are consulting in today’s market. A product manufacturer may occasionally provide them for marketing.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of at least six patients to whom you might speak about their interactions with the physician and their staff. Also, if possible, talk to two doctors who have previously worked with this surgeon and team.
  • Meet people with similar hair and skin to you so the results about yourself and assess the hair repair physician’s ability to provide you with a realistic and beneficial result.
  • If the hair transplant doctor or hair transplant group you are considering claims to perform either or both follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit hair transplantation, ask the following questions (FUT)

For FUT:

  1. Have they dissected the grafts under a microscope?
  2. Is stereomicroscope used by all the technicians?
  3. How long have the technicians been dissecting follicular units with microscopes?
  4. They employ how many stereomicroscopes during a procedure?
  5. Does your hair transplant surgeon remove the donor strip with a single-bladed knife?

For FUE:

  1. How many FUE procedures has the doctor carried out?
  2. Who dissects the FUE grafts, the surgeon or the technicians? If the surgery is technician-driven, learn about the technicians’ qualifications and whether they are full-time employees or work on a per-diem basis. The legality of technicians performing that aspect of the surgery varies from state to state or province.
  3. Are the FUE grafts monitored and refined before implantation? It is a crucial step to ensure a natural result, and much newer FUE-only practices skip it.
  4. Have they lodged any complaints against the hair transplant doctor or group? For even more knowledge, consult your agency’s department of health.

It’s important to remember that hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure. A surgeon who charges a consultation fee doesn’t put patients at risk, since most hair transplant clinics provide free, no-obligation online or in-person consultations to entice potential patients off. In most cases, the surgical evaluation will be more thorough and conducted by a physician rather than an unlicensed consultant looking to sell you a procedure.


Hair fixing surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Many people select direct hair transplant surgery to improve their appearance. The best dermatologist in Gurgaon can offer you a new and improved look, without the hassle, pain, and expense of other cosmetic procedures. Here is a hair surgeon’s perspective on the best hair transplant procedure.

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