What is Rare Carat?

For many, purchasing diamonds and the engagement ring could be the first time they’ve done it. With thousands of diamond dealers and an innumerable selection of diamonds available How do you determine if you’re making most out of your money? More than ever before, people are buying their engagement rings on the internet. Even though there’s a lot of benefits to this method, it’s a daunting task to begin this process on your own. The solution is Rare Carat. The marketplace for diamonds allows users to browse and compare millions of diamonds offered by various prominent diamond dealers. The company is described as “kayaking to diamonds.” Their goal is straightforward, they wish to provide consumers with the information and tools needed to make an informed purchase. The company’s founder, Ajay Anand, started Rare Carat when he too was searching for the perfect engagement ring. After he realized that the process was unnecessarily complicated and frightening, Ajay Anand decided to start Rare Carat, providing customers with information that is objective about diamond rings, as well as the ability to analyze thousands of diamonds on one site. In this article, we’ll give our opinions about Rare Carat and why you aren’t able to see our diamonds listed on their platform.

What It Does for Customers

If you look for the perfect diamond in Rare Carat, you begin with a brief assessment (for those who are not familiar with the process of buying diamonds) or you can begin by conducting a search for diamonds that is based on the filters you select. The quiz asks the customer whether they would prefer an lab-grown diamond or an actual mining diamond and how much they can afford and what diamond shape and the carat size they’d like.  Rarecarat, Inc Then, they’ll ask the type of diamond you’d like such as super-high quality, balanced in dimension and quality or even the highest size. Then, you’ll see an array of diamonds that match your requirements which will allow you to look at the stores that sell the diamonds. You can also narrow the results by various retailers’ offers such as lifetime warranties, free resizing or the return policy. If you’d like the results of your search to be delivered to your inbox by email, Rare Carat will send daily updates as new inventory becomes available. If you’re not able to locate the item you’re looking for, Rare Carat also has gemologists who are willing to talk on the web, by phone, or via email.

What is the best way to work for Retailers?

If you’re a retailer seeking to sell your diamonds on Rare Carat, you must submit an application in order to be accepted. Rare Carat offers a list of specifications for retailers who want to be featured on their site. They require customers’ reviews and information about their diamond’s diamond certificate and possess a minimum of a Rare Carat  30 day return policy. Rare Carat claims that they have a rigorous screening process. This is the reason they only accept one in five retailers that meet the requirements. The retailers that can be found in Rare Carat include Do Amore, With Clarity, Yadav and many more. Much like Google, Rare Carat is paid a percentage of sales when customers click on a diamond-related listing on one of these sellers.

The advantages of Rare Carat

As stated above, Rare Carat only receives commissions based on an advertising fee paid to merchants. This means that there is no incentive to push the customer in any direction and makes them an impartial source of diamonds, in accordance with the brands they carry on their site.

Rare Carat offers details to the customer who is looking for diamonds for the very first time. Being able to evaluate thousands of diamonds in one location, and to show you precisely what you want (and do not need) to look at, is helpful greatly for the average consumer. Rare Carat also provides education through their “Diamond Buying Guide blog. You can find all you need to be aware of about diamonds, certification, the 4 C’s as well as more. It’s crucial to know the basics before purchasing diamonds since there are numerous ways to save money.


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