What is POS System and What Makes Clover Perfect For Your Business

A Point of Sale (POS) system can help you better manage your business operations and give your customers a better experience. Let us learn what a Point Of Sale system is, how it works and what makes Clover’s POS system perfect for your business.

What is POS System

A point of sale is the point where your customer makes the payment for products and services you sell at your store. It is a computerized network that enables your business to make sales, keep track of sales and accept payments from customers.

Point of Sale systems are completely digital, so whether you have a physical storefront or e-commerce merchant services or have an on-the-go business, it allows you to check out a customer wherever he is. Other than payment processing POS includes features such as inventory management, employee and customer management, payroll, and accounting.

Clover’s POS System

Clover Point Of Sale system is an all-in-one POS system that fits all businesses’ needs, be it a restaurant business or retail merchant services, or an on-the-go business. Clover POS System is sleek, simple, affordable, and customizable.

It is an Android-based operating system with an extensive app store and a number of integrations and is very easy to set up. The software plans and hardware can be selected as per your specific business needs.

It helps businesses to streamline payment processing, manage inventory, take orders, and manage their team. Clover makes it simple to securely accept contactless, EMV chip, and credit card payments.

Key Features of Clover’s POS System

Clover point of sale solutions come packed with many features. Here is a look at some of the key features:


For a business, it is essential to accept and process payments in multiple ways. Clover’s POS accepts payments in all forms, be it online payments, EMV chips, contactless, mobile wallets, gift cards and credit/debit cards. This POS system automatically applies delivery or service charges. It also makes it easy to process exchanges, refunds and returns quickly.

Sales Reporting

Recording and analysing sales data provides all the information needed to make key business decisions. With Clover Point of Sale, get detailed insights about sales, margin, profits. So, instead of a bank statement, you have detailed data about sales to make better business decisions.

Customer Management

Customers are at the centre of any business. Clover’s POS system helps you generate customer profiles with contact info. It allows companies to engage with their customers and send them promotional and marketing emails or messages. Businesses can also reward their customers with loyalty programs through Clover’s customer engagement app. It also lets you capture customers feedback privately.

Inventory Management

One of the most important features of this POS system is that it lets you manage and track the inventory easily. It gives you real-time data on inventory and helps in managing the stock by creating inventory items, product categories, pricing and costs etc. It enables you to keep track of products and determine when to reorder.

Employee Management

With Clover’s POS system, the companies can easily view their employees’ sales, tips and refunds. It makes it very simple to manage the entire staff and their schedules and set individual employee permissions on the basis of the team’s structure and responsibilities. It lets you evaluate your top performers. Moreover, adding employees to the POS system is very convenient.

Order Management

It allows businesses to manage orders, be it in-house, delivery or pickups. Clover POS system allows to combine multiple orders easily and split bills. You can also track item-level sales, taxes, discounts and more.

Benefits of Clover’s POS System

Some of the benefits the cloud-based POS system offers are:


You can configure the system according to your business requirements. The companies can customise the software with features they need to run their business swiftly and choose the right mix of hardware that fulfils their needs. You can use Clover-approved accessories and third-party apps in their APP store with Clover to make the business system more efficient. The Clover Point of Sale system is easily scalable.

Cloud-Based POS System

It is a cloud-based POS system. Thus, you can easily access the sales, inventory, refunds, reports from anywhere.

Ready to Go

Clover’s POS system is fully featured and comes with basics built-in, so just unbox, and it is ready to go. Clover does not charge on a per-employee basis allowing your whole team to use it.

Wrap Up-

Clover POS System is packed with features that makes running your business very easy. You can select the right mix of hardware and software solutions according to your business needs. It helps companies in streamlining payment processing, inventory management.

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