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What is Mangal Dosha/Manglik Dosha/Kuja Dosha in Astrology?

People dread when they get to know that their child has mangal dosha. It increases manifold when the child with the dosha is a girl. Parents start worrying as to who will marry their child or what if the marriage is not successful. Many hide the dosha when they talk to the prospective groom and his family, fearing that the groom’s family will not agree to the marriage.

Are you also worried as you or your child has mangal dosha? Do not fret. Astrology has solutions for this problem. Download the best astrology app you have faith in and consult an astrologer regarding the issue. He will analyze the birth chart and give simple suggestions to minimize the dosha effect.

What is mangal dosha, and why do people fear it?

In the birth chart, the person is said to have mangal dosha or Kuja dosha when Mars or Mangal or Kuja is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in the ascendant. A person with such a dosha is called Manglik.

Some astrologers believe that mars in the second house does not create any dosha, but if it is in the first house, it can create problems.

People fear the dosha because it negatively influences a person’s married life. A person with this dosha will not have a pleasant, blissful married life. There will always be tension, misunderstanding, and quarreling between the two partners. The unhappiness in the marriage may lead to divorce.

But do not panic. Consult any online astrologer, and you will be happy to know that most of the problems regarding mangal dosh are neutralized with simple remedies.

When a Manglik marries a non-Manglik, it is believed that the partner of the Manglik may lose his life at a young age. But, it is said that when a Manglik marries a Manglik, the dosha ends, and the couple will have a successful marriage.

Effect of mars when in different houses

Mars influences the nature and temperament of the individual. It may awaken unwanted desires, aggression, and dominance, making it difficult for the other person to live happily with a Manglik.

The presence of Mars in different houses affects marriage in different ways.

Mars in the 1st house

The first house is the spouse’s house. The marriage and the spouse are affected when Mars is in this house. The relationship may go through physical abuse and violence, resulting in tension and separation.

Mars in the 2nd house

Professional and married life is affected when mars is in the second house, disrupting the family life altogether.

Mars in the 4th house 

It leads to failure in professional life—the individual switches from one job to another without seeing success anywhere. In addition, he may have to face financial problems too.

Mars in the 4th house may also lead to early marriage. The immaturity of the Manglik may lead to problems in the marriage.

Mars in the 7th house

It makes the Manglik arrogant, dominating, and ill-tempered. The person can thus not have a cordial relationship with anybody, even with family members. The person may also have multiple partners.

Mars in the 8th house

It makes a person lazy. He fails to have a good relationship with his parents and risks losing his paternal property. The person also has a chance of getting into bad company, and the spouse could lose his life too.


Mars in the 12th house

With Mars in the 12th house, the Manglik tends to have enemies, mental problems, and lose money.

People are frightened because all these problems are associated with mars when malefic. Then, is there no solution to such problems? There sure is.

What are the remedies for mangal dosha? 

First, check if you have mangal dosha. Go for the best astrology app and find a mangal dosha calculator to check if you have the dosha. If you have, then it is best to consult an astrologer.

Some astrologers believe that the best remedy for mangal dosha is karmic correction than materialistic remedies. Others suggest remedies like Kumbh vivaah, wearing of gemstones, chanting mantras, visiting temples, and offerings to the god, animals, devotees, and poor people.

Some astrologers believe that mangal dosha ends automatically when a person turns 29 and can marry anyone after that age. But others do not agree and believe that it is for a lifetime if you have it.


Astrologers suggest the simplest method is to match the charts of the two individuals and go for the one that counterbalances the effects of mars in Manglik’s horoscope.

To conclude, even if mangal dosha has ill effects, you need not worry about it. Consult experienced astrologers online and find easy remedies to negate the bad effects of Mars and have a great marriage.



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