What is Fermented Baked Milk?

Baked milk is typical boiled milk, which is traditionally consumed in Ukraine  and Russia. 

This preparation is known as “ryazhenka” in the local Russian  language. Baked milk is prepared by simmering the milk on a low flame for 8 long  hours at a stretch. 

Sometimes, more time is required to prepare baked milk.
In the rural areas, baked milk is boiled  overnight in a jug of milk in the oven. Then, this baked milk is bottled and  drank.  

These days, baked milk is produced in the industries. 

First,  the milk is fermented or soured and then it is packaged in bottles. 

Sometimes,  the milk is flavored with herbs and other flavoring agents and then, sold as  drinks.

 You also get non-fat dry milk or baked milk in the market. 

You can  purchase this milk and have a glassful everyday in the morning. This milk packs  in health benefits too.  

Homemade baked milk is usually used as an ingredient in the  preparation of cookies,  tarts, pies and cakes. 

Sometimes, this condensed  and cultured baked milk is caramelized to be used in pastries. 

So, if you want  to know how to eat baked milk in a different way, you can always add them in  your baked confectioneries, cookies, and breads to have it. 

One popular baked  milk dessert is the Belarussian baked milk with plums, which, you must try out  if you are fond of desserts. 

Baked milk fish is also a popular option.You can  add baked milk in any white fish of your choice and infuse the baked milk  fillets with lemon juice,  lemon pepper and onion. 

You can then savor this delicacy as a part of lunch or  dinner. You can also add baked milk in your tea or coffee.


Leave pausterised whole milk on your stove with the lowest flame rate overnight. 

The milk has to become a slightly creamy colored. Make sure the milk temperature is about 28-30°C (82°F-86°F but not exceed 113F) before adding a 1 sachet of the starter solution. 

Stir and incubate at this temperature for 6-8 hours to produce thick and creamy one of the vegan yogurt products. 

The actual time is vary, so please be ready to wait even longer. 

The most important is to keep a jar with milk incubated from the beginning to the end of the process. 

During the winter time the hydronic radiators can be a sufficient source of heat or the jar can be incubated in the regular stove’s oven with its light turning on. 

Having a special incubation equipment is beneficial.  When the product is ready to consume it should be kept refrigerated at all times. 

The unopened Yogurt starter sachets may be stored in the refrigerator from 32 F to 43F up to the expiration date. 

However, there is no information how to use just a part of the sachet to the point to get less than one gallon of yogurt as well as how long an opened sachet can be stored. If you want, please, experiment at your own risk. 

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