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What does PRINCE2 Foundation management mean?

“Project management” means different things to different people. For some people it means big plans, sophisticated programs, and lots of detail. For others it can be a simple plan, aaultjection, or a bug tracking online system. Regardless of what “project management” means for your business, there are vital components to any project management system designed to help keep it on the right track, as outlined on a certified PRINCE2 Foundation course.

The backbone of any project, at its simplest, is thelogical framework. Without a framework, any project can seem like one giant mess. It can feel that way because it lacks direction. A framework gives you a clear picture of everything that is happening in the project. In SDLC terminology, the framework is the law ofabytes uponabytes of data. The foundation of the framework is the functional concept of ” Marks in the Sand structural model of software development”. As opposed to the “Project management” model which is typically one system, there are systems that integrate and beneath that one system.

Another concept that underlies the project management is the “Technology”. IT basically describes anything that can be consumed by the project team. This can be developed using a PC, software or an application. Accessories go in and out of the picture depending on what is needed and what is available. The team can eat, sleep, and pop in for spare parts. The ” Technology” can be really complex but it can also be really simple. Some team members can handle one or two aspects of the IT. The “IT” really is quite a broad term and as opposed to the plumbing players who clean up after the plumbing, the “IT” installs and operates the plumbing.

The “Project management” has been divided into several schemes mainly the Win-ute and the Overview projects. The Overviews schemes give the users a picture of what is planned and the user- friendly for the team. The Win-ute schemes are specifically designed for the project manager to keep track of all tasks, recording appointments, reporting status updates, communications, risks, and change requests. The Overviews project really is designed to give the project manager the complete picture of what is taking place regarding the project. Although the overviews would go a long way incleaning up the details aspect of a project, they do serve another purpose. As the project moves on, the Overview schemes helps the project manager keep track on what happened in the early stages of the project. So in actuality, the Overview project is the quickest way to “roll out” the project plan since it is already been designed and has been divided into manageable categories.

The overview also helps the project manager position what was already done in the early stages as a template for the rest of the project. This is because the overview offers a template that is similar for every project. The overview also provides a medium to convert that plan that is ready to be implemented in the actual project. This is especially useful since the outline itself might be created through a lot of conversation and the details of the actual project already taken care of by the overview.

The “keys to success” for projects are to understand that you got to pick your battles and to utilize those keys effectively. Be sure to pick your battles wisely and have the backing of those involved. Have the documentation in order to get you far but do not spend all your time compiling that documentation. Instead have the documentation ready but always re-evaluate it from time to time. Make adjustments to the plan as you go along and as the project progresses. Even though you’ve gone this approach for years now, you can make modifications to the original plan for a particular project. Take this approach even further if you feel something is lacking in the original plan.

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