What are the responsibilities carry over by the PWD minister in Punjab?

What are the responsibilities carry over by the PWD minister in Punjab?

Punjab is an excellent nation in India which the ruling party is now implementing various new development schemes and plans for the welfare of the people. On 20th September 2021, the ruling party of Punjab has changed, for the first Dalit person named Charanjit Singh Channi is selected as a Chief Minister. He is an MLA for the constituency called Chamkaur Sahib Constituency. He had got great respect among the people for the best social services of him in the constituency, that’s why now he can act as a Chief Minister for Punjab.

Who is the PWD Minister of Punjab?

Vijay Inder Singla is on the list of Cabinet Ministers. He is acting as PWD minister in Punjab, which means he is responsible for the entire Public Work Department. Without his approval, none of the services will approve for the people. In recent days, he has implemented an excellent scheme called an innovative playground for schooling children. It helps the children to play bravely and to learn various things by playing.

For a lot of years, he has done immense social service for the people. When you wonder which first time he was selected by the people, it is in 2017 in the Vidhan Sabha election. As in the continuation years, he remained a member of Lok Sabha from the Sangrur Parliamentary Constituency. Likewise, he has been elected by the people in various elections, and now he has a considerable responsibility called pwd minister punjab.

Information to know about Vijay Inder Singla:

The father’s name of Vijay Inder Singla is Lt. Sh. Sant Ram Singla, he has born in the year 1972.12.01; the place of birth is Ludhiana. He has completed the Engineering in Computer Science since he has had a lot of interest in social service and political activities from the college days.

Because of his dreams now, he has the opportunity to perform as a pwd minister punjab.

Performing as a pwd minister punjab is not a minor responsibility; it is such a vast responsibility that requires to work a lot of time for the public welfare. Now he is in the political party called National congress, which is such a vast political party all over India since he has performed and participated in the Punjab Youth Congress.

Responsibilities of PWD minster:

The public officials have classified the PWD into three branches which is

  • Building and roads
  • Public health Engineering
  • Irrigation

The ministry of PWD has to operate and supervise all these branches of work in the right way. The officials have classified the works into two types as Government works and non-government works.

The government works are

  • Minor works
  • Original works
  • Repairs and Maintenance works

The non-government works are

  • Deposit works
  • Local loan works
  • Takavi works

Furthermore, the PWD ministry must maintain the account records properly, such as cashbooks, measurement books, Work abstracts, Muster roll, Work-charged Establishment bills, Goods received sheets, Goods issued sheets and many more. Handling all these records is such a significant role where he is doing it excellently.

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