What are the Must-Have Tools for Golf Course Equipment Maintenance?

Surely. It’s important to have major tools & equipment to run the golf course. No one can provide the customers with adequate facilities or services without golf course maintenance equipment.

For a decade, the average maintenance budget of golf courses has been increasing. Perhaps, it shows the essence of golf course maintenance. Continue reading to know the imperative type of equipment required for maintenance of golf courses & facilities.

Must-Have Tools

➤ Mowers

The first main equipment one needs the golf course mowers. Well, it’s not one; there are different types of mowers to keep a managed golf course. In a nutshell, it comprises half or more than half of golf course maintenance.

Catch the list of mowers that one should have at all the time:

  • Golf green mower
  • Triplex mower
  • Collar mower
  • Approach mower
  • Rough mower, etc.

For example- the golf green mowers suitability based on several factors, including facility size, location, usage, atmosphere, type of grass, etc.

➤ Utility Vehicle

Undoubtedly, you don’t want to spend an entire day walking with a mower from one location to another. What are you missing? Assign a trailer and utility vehicle to each worker. With trailers and vehicles, one can get straight to work without wasting time.

 ➤ Hydraulic Lifter

A hydraulic lifter is also one of the most vital golf course maintenance tools that you should have at your disposal. Why? There is no doubt that you need to handle many tools and machines for facility maintenance. Hydraulic equipment lifter helps you in moving faulty mowers and other machines.

For instance- your triplex mower stops functioning and resists moving. Here, the hydraulic lifter will be a great help to remove the mower from the field. You can use it off the field, too- keep it in a garage to manage the equipment (raise & lower equipment).

➤ Handheld and Backpack Blowers

Stop avoiding handheld & backpack blowers, as you will need them to get rid of leaves, debris, etc. Don’t you desire a tidy golf course? Carry them in the field and remove the grass cuttings or any extra waste.

➤ Grinders

Many times you’ll have access to a grinder. Thus, it’s a great companion in several places. There are different kinds of grinding machines required for golf course maintenance as you never know which one you need urgently.

  1. Bedknife grinder
  2. Wheel grinder
  3. Reel grinder

➤ Portable Soil Moisture Meter

A portable soil moisture meter makes sure that the running grass has not too much water or vice versa. As you know, in golf course maintenance, grass plays a pivotal role and needs adequate water. Seasons also impact the moist level of grass-like in winters, less water is used.

The machine analyzes the depth of moisture that influences the maintenance of the facility. In other words, it improves the irrigation system.

Final Views

No system can work without proper organization & equipment. The golf course maintenance also completes with effective management & necessary tools in hand. Otherwise, one can end up wasting an immense time.



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