What Are The Most Important Features to Look For In a Daycare in Gurgaon?

A daycare and a school are not the same. Hence, before sending your child to a day care in Gurgaon, you need to look forward to some additional aspects and make sure that they are present. For those who have yet to learn, daycare is one where working parents can leave their children all day and collect them back in the evening. You can also send your child to a day care center for a few hours a day so that the child gets used to adjusting in an outside environment without having family members around. 

However, not every daycare might be suitable for the little ones, so it is essential to go through a basic screening process to help you shortlist the same. Not only that, such is the concept of significant daycares these days that they allow you to make sure that along with the day-to-day living of the little one, even the entire development is also taken care of. When selecting any particular daycare for your children, some of the significant factors you need to look for will be listed. 

As one of the leading day care in Gurgaon, the aim at The Shriram Early Years is to make sure that we can come on board and help individuals take care of their babies in a more prominent way. Don’t worry; once you leave your little one with us, they are entirely our responsibility, and only the best will be rendered to them! 

Which Factors Should You Look Forward To In A Daycare In Gurgaon?

Your child’s well-being is always the most critical factor to look forward to. It is also why we make sure that there are constant updates in the working model, which can foster their growth in the long run. Always make sure that at least a few of these factors are present before you choose any one daycare for your little one.

  • Physical Security of Your Kid:

The first and most important feature you need to ensure under all circumstances is that your kid’s physical security is guaranteed. It is crucial to understand that your kid will be at a place for the longest part of the day, and that too without your presence. In this case, always ensure that you go through the primary screening criteria and then select a place to ensure optimum safety for the kids. 

In this case, try to make sure they have the basic arrangements like the facility to call in and check on your kid or even the essential inclusion of surveillance cameras. It is one of the significant factors you must look forward to under all circumstances.

  • Promising Reviews:

The next thing you need to look forward to is ensuring that the daycare has promising reviews. It will give you a better understanding of whether the daycare delivers what is encouraging and, at the same time, aid in understanding the accurate picture of the daycare. 

Try to ensure that you read not only the promising ones but also those with some negative feedback. Reviews give you the best understanding of the place, so go with an option with a high online rating. 

  • A Positive Caring Environment:

When you choose a place for the little one and a daycare, it is crucial to ensure that a positive, caring environment is one of the most critical factors. It means that the students have a promising area to grow not only physically but at the same time emotionally as well. 

Not only that, but it is also essential to make sure that there are age-appropriate options for development as well. Always remember that your little one will be here for the most extended period; hence, having a positive and caring environment is very important.

  • The Right Education Schedule:

And finally, another significant factor you must look after under all circumstances is the proper educational schedule. It is crucial to remember that when your kid is spending so much time in daycare, the appropriate program is also essential.

Hence, try to ensure that the little one is guided under the right spectrum and the age-appropriate bracket. You will be able to understand that when your kid is under the proper education schedule, and that too in daycare, it will aid them and foster their complete educational growth! 


Finding the right educational institutions is difficult, particularly regarding daycare; the choice becomes much more stringent. As one of the best pre nursery schools in Gurgaon and a prominent daycare, we have ensured that at The Shriram Early Years, we can aid the holistic development of individuals! You only need to ensure that you get in touch with us and enroll your kids on our extensive programme. Your kids are our pride, and we will ensure that the best is rendered.

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