What are some of the best Knitted scarves for Winters?

Scarf – an indispensable thing in the winter wardrobe. Warm, bright, voluminous or light – anyone will be suitable for a stylish image. See how to wear a scarf in winter on the example of street style bows.

For winter walks, try to experiment with knots: tie a three-dimensional scarf around your neck and make a bow. For a more stylish street-look, choose a voluminous knitted oversize scarf wrapped around your neck.

Also in winter you can wear a three-dimensional scarf as a cape. Put it on your shoulders and fasten the ends with a thin belt at the waist.

For a warm winter, also try just throwing a wool scarf online on your outerwear. Fashionable and very stylish!

Of the “easy” ways to wear a scarf in winter, pay attention to the following. Tie a light thin scarf in the form of a tie, leaving the ends free. Or take a bright handkerchief and wrap it around your neck with a knot in front. These options will not insulate you, so choose them for warmer weather.

Knitted scarf and its varieties

A scarf is a necessary thing in women’s, men’s and children’s wardrobe. Depending on the type of scarves, they perform completely different tasks. The size of this item plays a huge role. It can be:

  • Square. This look visually makes the neck short and the face round.
  • Rectangular. With such a scarf, the effect of elongation is created. This form is considered more popular because it is more practical and suitable for many.

Consider in more detail what are knitted scarves:

  • Classic. This type includes scarves that are of medium length and width. Their maximum length is to the middle of the chest. This option is most often used for its original purpose, ie to conserve heat. In our online store models from different materials, different colors and with three-dimensional drawings are presented.
  • Snood. This accessory is now very popular. The ancestor of this model is a collar, which in the 90s was worn as a headdress. Then women appreciated his benefits, because he kept his hair and was warm. To this day, he came a little modified and became known as “snood”.
  • Tippet. The stole is a canvas that has a rectangular shape. The knitted accessory has three purposes: a cape, a headdress and a scarf. This thing is simply indispensable for evening walks. It will easily warm in the cold season and complement the image.
  • Plaid scarf. This is the masthew of the current season. This knitted scarf will perfectly complement outerwear in winter, spring and autumn. The name itself carries something cozy and warm. A touch of comfort and home warmth will be appropriate in everyday life.
  • Shawl. It should be noted that it has not gone out of fashion for many years.

Arafat. This type of wool scarf mens is worn with great pleasure by women and men. They are tied at an angle covering the neckline. Earlier cotton and silk arafat were used, but now the trend is three-dimensional knitting.

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