Well known Brands of the Luggage Sets in 2020

Luggage sets play an important role during our journey. Purchasing a high quality and durable luggage set will help us get rid of troubles. In general, the luggage sets made by big companies are preferred. Here is a glimpse at the tops brands of the luggage sets.

Heys USA

Travel light with Heys. The luggage sets from Heys has everything for the world’s lightest luggage. When you travel with your families, the heavy luggage may disappoint you. With the Heys luggage set which features TSA lock systems, light frame as well as top quality materials, you will not feel as tired as you carry other luggage sets.

What is more, this brand provides colorful and exotic selections in elegant accents and trendy designers. The embossed PVC material makes a great contribution to it pretty look.

Pierre Cardin

People who are interested in fashion will be familiar with this name – Pierre Cardin. Though it is not as shining as DVF nor as ultra-feather-light as Heys, the quality is the Pierre Cardin’s big concern. From carry-ons as well as various stylish suitcases to traditional duffels, Pierre Cardin offers the right piece you need most and the bags which are made just for you to beat wear-and-tears.

Diane von Furstenberg

Best designed for girls, each piece of Diane von Furstenberg is built at the height of fashion. The fantastic collection of stylish luggage sets, briefcases, trendy suitcases as well as travel bags please all the people who are fond of life and crave identity. Get ready to look hot on the road? Diane von Furstenberg is not skin-deep. It makes the girls and ladies extremely elegant and attractive. The luggage sets made by Diane von Furstenberg have a long life which expands through trips and trips with incredible durability.


As a superstar in the luggage market, Samsonite keeps a good commitment between features and prices. All the luggage sets from Samsonite combine quality, style, and reliability to be your best solution for your trip. Even though they are fully staffed and heavily loaded, they will not go out of shape or be broken.

A Glimpse at the Heys Luggage Set

Heys USA is a well-known luggage set brand which is popular all over the world. 

All the luggage sets from Heys are your good companions while you are traveling. The travel season is just around the corner, are you ready to prepare an enchanting trip with a top luggage set? Here is a brief introduction of the brand and why it has become a popular and reliable choice for travelers throughout the world.

The Shining Points of Heys

Heys provides colorful, light as well as TSA-friendly selections in elegant and trendy accents. They have the world’s lightest luggage sets which use the top quality materials, ergonomic telescoping, TSA lock systems, and the light frame.

Those luggage sets are both light and durable. In addition, the appearances of these luggage sets are really hot and unique. 

Heys features luggage with wild patterns and animal prints which really make their pieces stand out from others in the market. Not only does such design make it easy to identify your bags right away, but you can also gain a sense of flair and fashion in the airport.

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Some Popular Products of Heys

Heys features a variety of luggage sets that can cater to different demands and tastes of customers. However, two of them are preferred by the market most – Heys 4 Wheel Drive 3-Piece Spinner Set and Heys USA XCASE-XL 3 Piece Luggage Set.

1. Heys USA XCASE-XL 3 Piece Luggage Set

Known as the lightest luggage set in the world, XCASE is made from ABS materials and a blend of polycarbonate, which helps to offer the outer shell with greater rigidity. This kind of material contributes to the prosperity of XCASE which is light yet durable.

2. Heys 4 Wheel Drive 3-Piece Spinner Set

From its name, you will know it is a spinner set. The lightweight is also a strong point like the XCASE. It is made from a patented composite using a unique polycarbonate formulation. Even under stress, it is very flexible and durable.

Where to Buy Heys

Luggage sets of Heys are available in its franchise houses and online stores. Online stores are strongly recommended because the prices of these luggage sets are relatively low.

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