Ways to make a logo

A logo is the face of a company, the quality of which determines the brand recognition, profitability and prosperity of the enterprise.

The image should not be ambiguous or express ambiguity: only a concise, stylish logo without unnecessary elements can make the right impression on potential customers.

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual symbol of a company or a brand that customers can unmistakably recognize a product in the market. A company’s logo reflects its mission and values and performs other important functions:

Evoke associations with customers. The logo should evoke only pleasant and unambiguous impressions, without hidden meanings or subtexts.

Firstly, Communication with the target audience. The logo is used to communicate with potential customers through social media, signage, and advertising banners.

Attracting attention. Only expressive and bright images will catch the client’s eye and attract his attention even if he did not know anything about the company or products manufactured before.

Informing. You can use your logo to give your customers important information about your company, products, or services.

Recognizability and competitiveness. A unique logo design distinguishes a company from its competitors and makes it recognizable.

It should be noted that the presence of a logo for the manufacturer of expensive clothes or vehicles gives the company a special status in the market. It is not necessary for the picture to be catchy: it can be made in the form and colors of the company’s design.

A good logo: basic signs

secondly, The main way to assess a company’s logo is the principle of “like it – don’t like it”. As a rule, a potential customer pays attention to shape and color. However, there are a number of mandatory criteria that a good, recognizable logo must meet:

A complete reflection of the company’s activities and product characteristics.

Easy to remember against competitors.

Readability on any media, in a variety of colors and sizes. This is relevant if the logo will be used online, printed on clothing, or on promotional posters.

Thirdly, The harmonious combination of composition and hues. The picture should not conflict with other elements of brand visualization.

In addition, the company logo should match the style and preferences of the target audience.

How to make a logo online

moreover, In order to make a company logo, it is not necessary to seek help from professional designers. Today there are a large number of services for designing company marks on the web.

One of these services is a logo generator – Turbologo. The program is designed to create professional logos and is especially in demand among entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

The creation of a logo is carried out in several steps:

It is necessary to specify the name of the company in the appropriate field and click “Create Logo”. In just a few seconds the system will automatically select the variants of the logo among which the user may choose any one he or she likes.

You need to specify the direction of the company and answer a number of qualifying questions. Once a logo design is selected, you can save it or add it to Favorites: you can continue working with materials from the folder at any time.

in addition, You will need to register in the system to save the logo. You can create a user account for free, and once you register, you will have access to all available designs.

It is important to note that while working with Turbologo service, the user can edit the created images – change the color scheme, font or design elements, as well as create business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.

Equally important, The process of developing a company logo is simple and does not take much time. It is important that the entrepreneur understands the idea and the essence that the logo should reflect. When looking at the picture, it should be clear that customers are offered quality services and products. In addition, it will become recognizable in the market and among competitors.

The main rule for entrepreneurs is to avoid plagiarism: you should not use other people’s designs. This will negatively affect the reputation of the company; customers quickly remember bright logos, and therefore can easily determine that the image was “stolen”.

An interesting original company sign can be used not only for branding products but also for placement as a sign over the office, for website and social media design, when printing visits, production of souvenirs and corporate clothing.

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