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This time I had the pleasure of interviewing with VLN Water Heaters‘s founder, Vladimir Stoychev. He was excited to share more about himself, his business and the plumbing industry.

interviewing with VLN Water Heaters's
interviewing with VLN Water Heaters’s

– Hi Vlad, thanks for showing up for this interview. Let’s start with the main question: What is it to be a plumber?

Vlad: What really attracts me is the chance I’m given to practice my skills. The opportunity to diagnose issues and come up with solutions makes me wake up full of energy every single morning. I guess some people might think being a plumber is among the most boring kind of professions. What they don’t know is that even with water heaters there’s variety of scenarios and many things can go wrong.

Sometimes people were dealing with an issue for years. It’s really rewarding to see the smile on their face when they see that their problem is gone.

– Sounds fantastic. I know you’ve built an impressive reputation in your area. Tell me a bit about it. What’s the main ingredient for building such a remarkable authority as a professional plumber in San Diego county?

Vlad: The main ingredient for a good reputation is percistence with great customer service and fair pricing. This is what’s making clients happy. Happy customers will call you again and they are likely to refer you to their friends and neighbours occassionally.

– Got it and it really makes sense! Was it difficult at the beginning and how your first customers discovered you?

Vlad: Every beginning is tough, but you have to be patient and as I mentioned persistent too.

My first customers were my neighbors, then they recommended me to their friends and then with each job professionally done I got known as a reliable plumber.

– What’s the funniest thing you have crossed on while doing your job?

Vlad: Funny stories are part of the job. Once I found a bag full with quarters behind a water heater in a garage. Even the owners didn’t know about it. It has been there for a while.

– Lol.. This is cool! I can imagine the surprise on the face of the client when seeing the bag.

So, what are your specialties?

Vlad: Water heater replacement, installation and repair. We are one of the most reputable water heater replacement San Diego and San Diego county based contractors.

Check our Google My Business reviews to make sure yourself.

There are many things that can go wrong when you deal with aged water heaters. Perfecting all the tiny movements and operations and what makes the difference between inexperienced and experienced plumber. I had the chance to practice replacement, installation and repair multiple times before I started the business and get the license. This really helped to maintain a top level service from the very beginning.

– Why do people call you when they need their water heater replaced?

Vlad: They call me because they know the job will be done professionally, at short notice, and at an affordable price. I know that customer service seems to be one of the most entertaining parts of the business. The ability to help someone solve an issue that was causing a real pain is really rewarding.

– Thanks Vlad! It was a pleasure talking to you. Wish you all the best.

Vlad: Thank you too!

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