Vertical Blinds: Are They A Good Option For The Residents Of The UK?

Over time Window blinds are becoming more and more eye-catching and fascinating among décor enthusiasts, indeed they are not just a décor piece, but rather a very impressive solution for some messy issues regarding the well-being of an interior.

Simultaneously, window blinds are very great and even can be a serious mess, I brief how in a minute or two. Window blinds can be great only if they sync rightly into your interior, and can be a mess if not.

One of the first things they will sync on is the window dimensions. How well a window blind aligns with the window is a statement that will ensure how good they look and provide in a specific place.

As we are subjected towards the ease of the UK residents, usually, britains have rectangular tall windows. You’ll hardly find any sleek Window Blinds then the sleekest and most simple ones, The Vertical blinds.

So, How Are They A Good Option For The Residents Of The Uk?

There are many as many reasons for that. Standardly, because of the tall windows that the uk residents normally have. If they are good sharply with the window size, they can provide some intense benefits like maintaining privacy, light control, and insulation for your interior too. Providing décor is just a normal one for them.

Vertically Sleek Design

Tall windows always look impressive when they have a window covering with a vertical appearance and functionality. Vertical blinds are right on that statement.

Vertical blinds are neglecting the standard horizontal slats design of window blinds by being vertically positioned. They have long vertical slats.

Tall rectangular windows align impressively sharp with tall vertically positioned slats. Tall windows with vertically functional blinds like vertical blinds enable the window to provide dynamically enhanced capabilities while fighting privacy and light issues.

They have slats so, obviously, they tilt to open and close. Open for light and close for privacy. They have another functionality, it seems they have a touch of luxurious curtains.

Their slats not only tilt but also stacks to one side. Because of that they can be sided to the edge of the window, completely stacked. Here you can have a complete view outside, which is not available in blinds like wood blinds and venetian blinds.

Are They Easy To Maintain And Clean?

Without no such doubt, yes. They are waterproof and that’s all. Vertical blinds are manufactured by using synthetic materials, mostly PVC and vinyl but polyester is also an option available.

All of them are waterproof but consider PVC and vinyl for much better results. Being waterproof is not only a seal for durability but it’ll help handsomely in cleaning and maintaining the well-being of window blinds like vertical blinds.

If a window blind is waterproof, it’ll not just make it extremely easy for you to clean it but also it’ll prevent it from fading while cleaning.

Due to the vertical design of vertical blinds, dirt or dust didn’t stick to the surface easily, and gravity pulls. So, vertical blinds didn’t get dirty easily, and if they then it’s effortless to clean them.


Pvc and vinyl are enough to call vertical blinds impressively durable. These materials are not natural but in some conditions, they are way a better decision than natural ones.

Natural materials that are used in window blinds are backed with great strength but they aren’t waterproof like wood blinds and metal blinds, both are classic but can be a serious mess when they are in place with high moisture and humidity.

Pvc and vinyl materials are not strong and classy as wood and metal but they have no such issue with water, no matter if you clean them with water or place them in the kitchen or bathroom.


People usually get wrong here, knowing about their price. Indeed, vertical blinds are one of the cheapest window blinds all around the world, surely a well-popular window covering.

They are sleek, classy, and durable, in short, they are enough as a window covering especially for the uk residents due to their standardly tall windows.

Many people have a false assumption that only expensive window blinds are the real thing, well, they all are wrong. I know you want a logical statement for why vertical blinds are cheap.

If so, then clear your mind with that logical statement that even if they are sleek and classy they are still synthetic. No matter how impressive a synthetic material is it is surely no way near the expensive price tag of high-end natural materials.

What If One Of The Slats Of Vertical Blinds Got Damaged That Can’t Be Retrieved?

Well, that can be messy because it can affect the looks of the rest of the blind slats. But this is also an advantage they have over other window blinds like roller blinds and roman blinds.

You didn’t have to replace and whole blind instead just replace those damaged slats. If you are in the uk you can have these services very cheap, especially if you consider a company like 1ClickBlinds.

They are offering standard yet affordable vertical blind replacement services all over the uk.

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