Use Several Types of Cosmetic Packaging for your Brand

The cosmetic industry is emerging at an extreme level. It is happening because of the usage of these products from people of every age and gender. They are extremely sensitive and highly valuable due to their expensive nature. The core reason to buy wholesale cosmetic packaging in bulk quantities is the ability to apply several customizations. You can get this solution in many designs, shapes, and sizes. The cosmetic industry is quite vast and includes several items and product categories. To satisfy the need of every type, there are many types in boxes that you can avail of. Below are some of the unique types that can help you.

Crash bottom style:

A simpler and common way to store your cosmetic items is to utilize a crash bottom style package. In cosmetic boxes, this design has been very helpful for makeup product manufacturers. It is one of the styles in which you will see a crash style lock on the bottom of the package. This lock makes it a protective solution for your valuable items. Additional things that make it more perfect are its double-sided opposite flaps. These flaps can roll into the bottom and give them extra strength to hold the item inside the box perfectly. Brands are utilizing it to have better orientations for their creams, eyeliners, and foundations.

Tuck top boxes:

When we talk about the product’s presentation on which customers can see only a single opening, a tuck top box is the best solution. It contains smaller flaps on both sides of the upper tuck, which you can easily place inside the box. Its bottom is flat and gives no opening from any side because it is glued with the sides. It is the reason why it is the best type that can give better holdings of products. Manufacturers are using it to preserve products like hair-extensions and sprays.

Sleeve packages:

Every product demands protection because, without it, it cannot be delivered to its consumer. It is why you have to think about the type that can maintain quality and the form of cosmetic items at the same time. Sleeve boxes are in this regard proven to be very beneficial and advantageous. It does not have any tuck and flaps on any of its sides. It comes with a tray and a cover which is known as a sleeve. This sleeve is in the bottom tray’s perfect size, so your product cannot slip out from the inside during delivery. It is why most businesses utilize them to secure their lip balms and other valuable products.

Two-piece box:

A very common and old style of the box is the one that has two pieces, one for the covering and the other for the placement of the product. The upper part is known as a lid, and the lower is the tray. This tray is fixed with the box lid from every side so that no factor can come inside it and harm your product. This type also gives you designing options like others. You can get a PVC window added to the top lid. It will help you to present your product and its quality in detail in front of the audience.

Lock bottom box:

If your product has the primary appearance of a jar or a glass, this type will be perfect for you to secure your product. It is utilized for heavier products usually allows you to put more than a single cosmetic item inside it. Unlike other types, it has four flaps that can easily be wrapped into each other and create a strong and firm bottom to hold your product. This strong holding is making the brands able to utilize this type to store and present fragile items like lipsticks, lip glosses, balms, and eyeliners.

Reverse tuck box:

A reverse tuck box is one that contains flaps on the bottom that has opposite facings. These opposite flaps tuck into different sides like one from top to back and the other from back to top. It is for giving the box extra firm holding. They are efficient for printing technologies, so you can enhance their presentation or visual appearance by printing different illustrations and layouts on them. Cosmetic brands are using these boxes to store and present skincare items, eye shadows, and other foundation items.

Multi-structure box:

Suppose you have an order in which your customer is ordering a lot of products from you. The basic approach here would be to utilize various boxes for every single product. However, what if you get a type of box that can reduce the usage of several boxes. A multi-structure box is a solution that is perfect for this requirement. This style is quite big and has separate portions in it that are made from cardboard or Kraft paper. You can use custom inserts like placeholders and cups and place them into different portions. This will give you a better presentation of your products, and you can reduce the usage of many packages.

Double cover style:

In cosmetic packaging, a double cover is a style that you can use to give protection to your products from both top and bottom. Both of the covers in this box come with a tray-style so that even if you have to move the box upside down, the product inside will have the perfect holding. You can print written materials on the top tray to guide the customer about the sides. You can enhance the strength of both ends by the addition of extra paper layers.

It is because of these types, the trend of purchasing wholesale cosmetic packaging in huge quantities is getting common. All of these types are capable of bringing gigantic advantages to the growth of your brand. There are several personalization techniques that you can use to enhance their appearances, qualities, and longevity. You just need to utilize your creativity in using them.

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