Understanding PRINCE2 Project Management Projects

Understanding PRINCE2 Project Management Projects

Understanding Project Management

Projects are ongoing request for deliverables, or in the internet world, projects are requests for information.

When it comes to doing things right the tend to work out, and so you make it sound and also be a bit dramatic.

Let’s have a go and see who will be able to take this series of exams in order to experience it for yourself.  I have already written the first exam which is the PMP exam ( Project Management Professional. This is what got me started in PM.  Having said that, I am confident that some of you might know a PMP, so I will go into the second exam in more detail as it got me towards my certification. As on a PRINCE2 Foundation training glasgow.

Let’s say that you have been given your PMP Certificate but it hasn’t got on your C.V on your resume.  These two together are what you have to really gauge and see how it fits with you.

Here I am going to discuss the first exam in more detail.  That exam is the Prince2 examination.  Just get your head round the basics and we can go from there.

To find out the exam you can go to this site and use the Project Management name Prince 2 Exams box.  The exam consists of 200 questions and it answers mainly about 36 of those questions based on the pompous landscape of the Prince2Confidenceiar.  These are divided into four topics and these topics need to form part of theScientists Basis of SO ultimate foundation from Prince and because they are all inter sourced they tend to be great for solving problems.

The first topic is Auditing/Control

To qualify you will have to do about 200 hours.  On its own this is nothing groundbreaking but also nothing readily tested, as there is some alternative requirements that PM peering countries and Prince2 such as the overall PM worldwide experience and also training in Risk Management,

To practice in you administered projects, to qualify for a PRINCE2 you have to engage in at least 40 hours of project management, ( total of 500 hours.  For those of you that have been reading my other guides you will know why I recommend voluntary project work and therefore will also be covered under the 40 hour requirement.

The second topic is Non Conformistic Behaviour

If you have got good PRINCE2 certification this is basically the second part of the two hour exam from last time and sometimes there will be opportunities to show your knowledge on PRINCE2 to help you get through it.

To get a PRINCE2 Certificate you need to have a number of activities that qualify.  You can find information on those via my website and off course I am happy to go through each one and tell you more about it but here are some you will want to focus on.

Level 2 – Completing Organizational Behaviour

In this exam you have to work out what is the primary role of a management function in relation to the management function as a whole and to help you you need to understand three key concepts: the tasks or responsibilities that are typically assigned to management, the direct reports to management, the evaluation or monitoring of performance of those to whom management routinely reports to.

It also helps you by way of reminding you of various institutions, administrative structures and competences.

You should have basic knowledge about the national competence framework and you also need to have a understanding the concept of job descriptions, critical behaviours and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Level 3 – Managing the Project Environment

This is about understanding the factors that can impact at project launch.

Using as a project launch the role is to ensure a strong foundation and strong foundations mean a strong project

If you are going to undertake the PRINCE2 certification examination you have to learn about change, the Flexible Process Flow Diagram and the Process Cycle File.

Level 4 – Create, rehearse, communicate and deliver PRINCE2

This is a real life classic and when you are a PM your job is about change.  There is nothing more important than to be able to get your colleagues to embrace the project, make objectives real and tailor it to company policy.

Great fun concepts that you have to master.

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