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What is warm, fluffy and allows you to snuggle up real close on those slightly chill nights! And before your imagination leads you to a certain humongous soft toy in the back of a toy shop, let’s give you a hint. It complements your décor and is an integral part of your bedding apparel. A good guess would be those cosy comforters on your bed, those which are difficult to leave behind on a Monday morning. As also the ones that lure you back home on a particularly overwhelming day. Gone are days when comforters would be mended and threaded from worn out sheets thrown in time for the pre-winter chill.

Today, your regular comforter can be a soft, luxurious fabric that is breathable and at the same time keeps you warm. A close look at options available in the market provides us with the following choices.

  1. Microfibre – Being wrinkle resistant and highly breathable Microfibre is a good and affordable option. Besides, the material doesn’t stain and is extremely durable. You can be sure that your Microfibre is not going anywhere soon.
  2. Polyester – One of the contemporary choices of fabric, the polyester comforter feels quite light against the skin and is very easy on maintenance. Some polyester comforters can be washed often, considering wash care options are followed.
  3. Cotton – This has been around for ages, and our grandmothers have known to swear by it. A lot heavier than your average cotton is a lot warmer and natural. Cotton comforters also allow you to choose between heavy and light options depending on the climate. A lighter cotton ‘Dohar’ or comforter would be a more suitable choice in a tropical climate.
  4. Silk – Suitable aptly for the luxury collection, the silk comforter doesn’t give you an allergic reaction and feels smooth and warm against your skin. You can also choose to opt for a comforter cover to retain the look and feel for this one.

So how to decide on which ones to buy. Amongst the infinite choices of comforters and blankets  available online how do find the perfect comforter that complements your bedroom décor and provides warmth as well.

  • Ascertain the size – The first step would be to ascertain the size and look for options that are available. You can consider customizing one if you have a bed that does fall into a regular category.
  • Style your comforter – Whether choosing modern, bohemian, or ethnic for your bedroom you can look different colors, sizes that enhance the aesthetics of your room and are functional for the purpose also. Look for geometrical shapes or solid colors to coordinate with the curtains in your bedroom.
  • A comforter is not a blanket – contextualize your spend. A lot depends on the weather you are targeting. While a light weight comforter is more of a lighter version typically utilized for the ‘pre-winter’ months, the heavier ones can be a good choice for chilly winters.

Comforter options are aplenty but how well you keep your comforter is your choice. Set a regime with carefully chalked out care instructions and you should have a long lasting go-to-comforter to snuggle up to for years to come.

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