Toucanwin is an awesome and quick way to get loads of stats in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team, as long as you can find a team that fills the perfect gaps for Toucanwin.

Essentially, this is a huge ball mode filled with juicy stats for your entire team. You want players to perform well enough to boost the stats of the most under-performing players. Get yourself a team of four attack-minded players and a defence of three skilful players and one hard-working midfielder. Then put one Toucanwin player into each role: offensive midfield, defensive midfield, defensive midfield and attacking midfield.
That is all there is to Toucanwin. You need to place the Toucanwin player in one of those four positions, and then equip them with every imaginable item in the entire team. Hit the Toucanwin button and watch your trophies stack up – the more you rack up, the greater the chance of having Toucan take control.
Enjoy playing the game, and keep an eye on Toucanwin for news on upcoming Toucan games, new Toucanwin tournaments and the ability to let other players use your Toucanwin spot if you’re not playing it!
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Believe it or not, Toucan is a thing that does actually exist, and happens in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team.
Essentially, Toucan is the first action of every game where you’re supposed to try to score. Of course, as this doesn’t happen for an awful lot of football, you might want to try other things – like smashing the ball at a hard-working defender, or even taking a penalty, before settling down to scoring. Toucan does offer you a bit of choice in how you take your shots, and you can adjust the speed of each of the shots with Toucanwin.
Toucanwin is meant to be incredibly quick and simple. You need to put one Toucanwinnie player into each of your offensive and defensive midfield roles. Each of the other four players have a team of three Toucanwin players as their respective teammates.

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