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Top tips to watch out while wearing men’s kurtas during the winter season

Kurta pajamas are a primary staple for parties and occasions in the men’s fashion industry. Though they are a perfect attire for men, wearing them during winters leads the men in a dicey situation. Men’s kurtas are highly comfortable, and thus they easily make way to men’s closets. But how do you wear them during winters without giving up on your style? Here are a few tips to rock the kurta pajama look even during winters:


Drape a shawl

Moving ahead the fancy stoles, you can also drape a shawl during winters to follow the winter fashion of kurta pajamas. Not only will an ethnic shawl elevate your overall appearance, but it will also work as a protective sheath to save you from the breeze and cold weather. 

There are plenty of ways in which you can drape a shawl over men’s kurtas. May it be hanging it straight or wrapping it around the neck, there are different styles to carry a shawl complimenting your own style. For this, you can check out a few videos over the internet to get versed with the different styles of flaunting a shawl with your men’s kurta.


Go for thick fabrics

May it be women’s kurtas or men’s kurtas, thick fabrics are a savior for the winter vibes. Whilst cotton kurtas are best suited for summers; they are not ideal for winters. Winters call for thick fabrics. Thus consider ditching those thin fabrics and cotton kurtas; instead, go for heavy fabrics with long sleeves. This will not only add that ethnic and manly quotient but will also keep you warm besides preventing you from falling sick while heading out for a party during the winter season. You can also consider picking on woolen fabrics to exhibit your own winter style statement.


Bandgala kurta

Getting a bandgala kurta is one of the most basic things that you can do to save yourself from the chilly winters. Neck patterns play an important role in adding a pinch of style to your overall looks. While a bandgala kurta looks stylish and classy, it also prevents you from adverse weather conditions. Bandgala kurtas block the winds from hitting your neck, and thus you are less prone to fall prey to cold and cough issues while partying during the winter season.


Nehru jackets

Nehru jackets and kurtas go hand in hand. Especially when it is winter, Nehru jackets form a perfect fit for your ethnic style. Also, to note that these jackets suit every body type. Thus whether you are thin or fat, you can always wear Nehru jackets to take your winter style a step ahead. Wearing a Nehru jacket can save you from wearing those heavy and bulky sweaters and jackets and make you look stylish besides preventing you from the cool breeze.


There are plenty of Nehru jacket patterns and styles easily available in the market, and you can consider picking a matching Nehru jacket for your men’s kurta for the upcoming party. Also, taking care of the winter requirements, there are many stores that have woolen or heavy Nehru jackets to keep you warm. Browse such options so that you have a warm Nehru jacket at your disposal.


Do not overlook the bottoms

Men’s kurtas have an important role to play while styling you up in Indian attire. But it doesn’t mean that you can overlook the bottoms. You need to be equivalently careful about the bottom wear. While picking on bottoms, choose fabrics that can keep you a bit heated up. Let the kurta steal the show, and the bottom keeps you cozy and warm. You can either wear jeans or any other warm fabric that can shield the cool breeze.



Men’s kurtas are usually worn with kolhapuri chappals, sandals, and jutis. But when it comes to wearing footwear during the winters, picking on jutis is a smart and wise decision to take. Not only do these jutis act like a staple complement with your kurtas, but they save your feet from becoming cold. But make sure that you pick on jutis that match with your kurta so that your style statement is not compromised in any way while taking care of the winter quotient.



These were a few styling tips that you can follow this winter season. So what are you waiting for? Next time you plan to wear men’s kurtas for an upcoming event or party during the winter season, try out these tips and rock the party like a pro!


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