Top latest Five dog training chiang mai Urban news

Top latest Five dog training chiang mai Urban news

We are atExpertasia Bully Campwe offerbothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses we emphasizeinteraction and obedience.

Dog education

Education is a crucial toolfor acquiring essentialknowledge andskills.

Do youknow?

Like everyhuman on earthhas different fingerprints, eachdoghas also a differentnose.

Every child hasto beeducated in order toacquire essential knowledge and skills. Dogsshould alsobeeducated in ordertobe able to integrate well withintheir social group onone hand,and inyourfamily and the societyin the second.

Educating a dog is learninghow to look at it,feel it, to be respectful ofit,and to comprehendit.

Toeducate a dog,mutual respect is required.

Dogs speak their own language.Learntoconverse with dogs by contactingourhighly skilled and knowledgeabledog professionals.

Our dog training courses

Whether for a puppyas well as an old dog,any learning must be donein a very progressive way.

Individual dog training classes

In the first class,we willevaluate your presentrelationshipwith your dog.During this time, an educationmethod will be devised.In the following, the dog willbeincluded inour group classes(maximumthat there are fivedogsinout in the field).

Group lessons

A dog is socialized whenengaging with other dogs andbecoming aware of their vocal cues as well asbody language.The socialization process for puppiesbegins in the firstlitter.They can then start to interactwith other dogs,families and human beings. Thesocialization period ofan animal can last for up to twomonths.This is when weteachthe art of social interaction and positive interactionwithhumans and dogs.

A variety of games and exercises for dogsare used to enhancetherelationship between thecanines and the owners.So, they canlearn sociability andobedience.

Sociability & Games

In the beginning, we will playaseriesof gameswithyour dogat the beginning ofindividual lessons.In the following lessons, we will refine thisinto small-sized groups. Wepay particularattention to yourdogthroughout these training sessions. Weprovide acommunity environment where dogs arerelaxed, safeandappreciated. Ourprimary focus is



Obedience is the basis forthe relationship between you andyourpet. It istaught and learnedbased on a pleasurableandpositiveconnection with the dog. We rewardhim withfoods, toys and engaginggames.The main goal is his happinessand a strong connectionbetween him and your.

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