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Top Influential Business Women in Business History

Anne Catherine Hoof Green, Elizabeth Blackwell, Ada H. Jackson, and others made their mark on the world of business. These women were leaders in their fields. Their contributions are still being felt today and their stories should be heard. Read on to learn more about these remarkable women.

Anne Catherine Hoof Green

Anne Catherine Hoof Green is a great example of the business woman who helped to shape American business. She was born in the Netherlands around 1720 and immigrated to the United States as a young woman. She eventually married Jonas Green, son of a New England printer, and they started a print shop in Annapolis, Md., in 1775. Their shop soon became the official printer of the colony.

After her husband’s death, Green moved her print shop and supplies to their home. She continued to publish the Maryland Gazette, which was a critical voice against British colonial policies. She eventually succeeded her husband and became the official printer of the Maryland Assembly, as well as the publisher of the Maryland Gazette.

Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell was a brilliant artist and a brilliant businesswoman. Her contributions to the arts are reflected in the name of a plant genus, Blackwellia. She also lectured on the female reproductive system at the London School of Medicine for Women and consulted at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Obstetric Hospital. Blackwell died of a stroke in 1910.

Elizabeth Blackwell was born in 1821 in Bristol, England. Her father, Samuel, was a sugar refiner. He also worked as an anti-slavery activist. The family moved to New York in 1832 after their business was destroyed by fire. Samuel Blackwell was a liberal and opposed the slave trade, but also believed that women should be educated just as well as men.

Arabella Mansfield

Arabella Mansfield was the first woman admitted to the bar in the United States. In 1870, the Iowa Legislature changed the law to allow women to sit in the bar. In 1873, she became the first woman to graduate from law school. But, that’s not the end of her achievements. In addition to being one of the first businesswomen to practice law in the United States, Arabella Mansfield was also a college educator. She taught at Iowa Wesleyan College and later served as the dean of DePauw University.

Despite her rocky start as a college student, Mansfield had a strong academic background and a family who valued education. She graduated from college with the highest class rank and was a valedictorian of her graduating class. She subsequently taught history, political science, and English at Iowa Wesleyan College, where she later married a professor.

Ada H

Ada H is one of the most influential women in business history. This industrial engineer and psychologist was a leader in organizational psychology and efficiency. She applied these principles to the needs of major corporations and households. Her influential 1971 book Sex in the Marketplace and her follow-up study Sex, Age, and Work: The Changing Composition of the Labor Force explored common issues facing working women in the United States. She also championed such progressive measures as equal pay and public preschools.

nicole junkermann mary barra

Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra are two of the most successful business women in history. Nicole is the richest lady of the 20th century and the highest paid television personality, while Mary is the first woman of African descent to own a production company. Together, they have influenced millions of people. Their show, Shark Tank, was watched by 15 million people a day, and it lasted for 25 seasons.

Mary Barra is a successful businesswoman, who grew up in a well-off family in Marbella, Spain. She later became a Vice President of Human Resources at Yahoo, and in 2014, she became its CEO. Annie Malone is another highly influential business woman. She founded a book club in 1996, and many of the books she chose for the programme have become bestsellers. In 2017, the National Book Foundation awarded her a gold medal for her contributions to literature.

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