Top Advantages of Using Instagram for Your Business

Today, Instagram is the best social media platform for businesses to market their products and services. The photo-sharing site has more than one billion monthly active users as well as 500 million daily active visitors, which shows that Instagram has taken center stage when it comes to brand marketing. More companies are now switching to this social media site for all good reasons. If you look at the top 100 businesses around the globe, at least 90 percent of these have a business profile. It means that the platform offers some of the best incentives to entrepreneurs that make them use Instagram in a consistent way. The site is not simply about beautiful photos or selfies.

According to research, there are numerous ways businesses can leverage Instagram. You need to know your brand goals and post content that your buyers will love to see on the platform. Yes, you need to share photos and videos of your products or services that pique customer interest and inspire them to share the same. Today, brands are reaping the maximum benefits out of Instagram to take their business to the next level. Here are some of the top perquisites of Instagram for your brand:

See your ROI clearly on Instagram

It is one of the greatest benefits of Instagram. Today, many companies are investing their time and money on Instagram marketing to get the best returns on investment (ROI). That is because your leads and sales are measurable via Instagram ads, thus giving you a clear vision of your ROI.

As this social site employs the same Ads Manager platform just as Facebook, the photo-sharing site has similar tracking abilities just like Facebook. Yes, you could figure out all leads and sales though link clicks, whether it is lead generation or conversion. Besides, you will also get an idea of the cost per result of the campaigns you run. It signifies that based on what business goals you are gauging; it is possible to see how much you have gained in terms of results and how much it had cost you.

Additionally, you can even break down the outcome (leads, conversions) you receive to determine who or from which source they arrived. It means which age, gender, geographical area, and which device.

When you have such knowledge, it lets you know where your marketing dollar is going to be spent in the best possible way. You can run A/B split test ads as well as ad sets for your clients. When it comes to A/B split testing, it denotes running a group of diverse ads simultaneously to figure out which of the ads would perform the best. You can also test such ads in numerous ad sets to determine which target customers, as well as a combination of ad, is going to offer your clients maximum results at the least cost per result.

As far as Instagram’s analytics or tracking abilities are concerned, these make A/B split testing successful and effective at the same time. With successful campaigns and followers, it’s easy to get Instagram likes.

When it comes to tracking metrics, it is one of the greatest and most essential benefits of the photo-sharing site Instagram. It is imperative to perceive which of the ad as well as ad set is generating maximum revenue, which entrepreneurs could see via Instagram ads.

Develop an audience base that would stay loyal to your business

One of the perquisites of the photo-sharing platform is that Instagram includes all of the sponsored advertising abilities of Facebook. Then, Instagram also has something more to it that Facebook lacks now, which is organic functionality. When we discuss organic functions, we imply those actions that you can carry out or such results that you can attain with no need to pay directly for these actions in marketing dollars.

When it comes to Facebook, its organic reach for businesses has almost reduced and if you would like to build a strong audience base for your company’s age, you need to spend on sponsored posts and ads. On the contrary, you can still build your customer base on Instagram organically which helps you to develop a natural business relationship between your followers and your business. You can always spend on paid ads too on Instagram but it is up to you.

On Instagram, you can gain more followers and it starts growing with time, unlike Facebook. The word-of-mouth and organic growth of followers are in valuable, mainly for small or new ventures that have a limited budget. In addition, no matter what efforts you employ to build your audience base, 50 percent of Instagram users follow businesses and brands anyway. Therefore, you stand to gain no matter you run organic or paid campaigns on Instagram. It implies that 50 percent of the 1 billion Instagram users will more possibly to follow your company and products simply because they are using Instagram.

Instagram clearly knows the difference between personal and business profiles

Just like Facebook, the photo-sharing site Instagram knows the difference between personal accounts and commercial profiles. When you have a business page for your small venture, you have opportunities galore to market your products or services. A couple of features include a call-to-action or CTA for page users, the capability to market your posts using advertising dollars, and most importantly access to Instagram insights.

Instagram also provides users a plain understanding of the fact that a company owns the page they visit and not a page created by any individual. Making such a distinction lets you set up your business Instagram account for promoting your brand and products, which is a good thing to happen. Moreover, you can post stunning images and videos of your products on a business page and boost them organically. On Instagram, you’re not forced to choose paid ads to gain more followers.


Now that you know about the benefits of Instagram for business, you can set up a commercial account to market your products or services. You will gain followers, post likes, and eventually generate leads and boost sales provided you post stunning and visually appealing content.


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