Top 8 Blogs Listing Directories to List Your Blog 



In the absence of high-quality backlinks, it is extremely difficult to list high on Google Search results for a recent blog. And you will not receive any organic traffic if you do not even rank high.

When you publish your blog to free blog submission platforms or directories, you will receive the following advantages:

You will receive some complimentary backlinks on your blog. (Backlinks are still a major component in placing your site Top in Search engine results.) Your blog gains exposure to a new audience.

Backlinks help you rank higher in Google search results. A rise in your blog’s rank in Google Search leads to an increase in visitors.

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With millions of views each month, Blogarama is among the first human-moderated blog directories. Submitting your blog is free, and you will receive free marketing for each of your entries. For a charge, they also provide Premium and Business options.


it is a great small service that does not list your website but does notify directories and aggregators that your blog post has been updated. When these services and aggregators receive the ping, they explore and index your website. 

This service is fantastic for gaining natural, free exposure for your website. If you use WordPress, chances are your post already does this when a new article is published. If your blog platform does not have an automated pinging mechanism, you may do it manually via the Ping-O-Matic website.

Google My Business

It is a free site that assists small companies in creating and managing Google listings, which display when people search for businesses and companies on Google Search and Maps. It assists local company owners in attracting new clients and sharing information about what distinguishes them. Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

Globe of Blogs

It is a well-organized website that lets you search for blogs by topic, blog writer, or blog title. Because the site owner personally verifies and approves all contributions, there may be some delay between registering and being live in the directory; nevertheless, the advantage is that only high-quality information is included in this directory.

Spill bean 

Itis a straightforward directory. It contains minimal images, yet it is simple to use. Because this is a new blog directory, the format may change; nonetheless, it has expanded significantly over the last year and showed no indications of slowing down.

Super blog directory 

This directory provides a great method for classifying the blog posts on the site, and it’s simple to use. It also allows site visitors to rank your blog (from1-10 in stars) and offers most professional blogging services of any directory.


It is the top web, mobile, and email platform for users to access and consume fashion and lifestyle content from their favorite blogs. If you have had a lifestyle blog, then you should submit it to this one as well.


Jayde which has been in business since 1996, is also a B2B search engine and even a directory. If your blog post is part of a company website, consider putting it on Jayde for free. They feature a large number of categories and employ a proprietary search algorithm called Click Relevance, which prioritizes search results depending on user involvement. Keep in mind that to be included, your company website must have its own domain.


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