Top 5 Food Avoid During Pregnancy

You must have always heard people say that eating fruits is still good for health. If you do not eat many fruits, you must have scolded the elders in your house. But do you know that pregnant women are strictly forbidden to consume certain fruits during pregnancy? It is said that the consumption of some fruits can pose a threat to the mother and the health of her child. If you know someone from a neighbourhood woman who is pregnant or you are pregnant or thinking of doing family planning, then this information is essential for you. Know what fruits women should not eat even during pregnancy or fruits in pregnancy to be avoided.


You must have heard from many person that do not eat papaya at all during pregnancy. This is because papaya can increase body temperature, which is not suitable for pregnant women’s health. Apart from this, papaya has a high amount of latex due to which there is a risk of miscarriage. So, if possible, neither eat ripe nor raw papaya.


Women should take care of their health condition during pregnancy. One mistake can also cause significant harm to the health of both mother and child. Keep in mind that pregnant women should not consume pineapple at all. This is because pineapple contains abundant bromelin. This enzyme softens the cervix, which can cause contractions in the uterus. Due to which the woman may start labour pain early. Excessive intake of pineapple can also cause dehydration and lose motion.


You will be surprised to know that grape-fruit should not be consumed in pregnancy. Although grape comes in the list of nutritious fruits, it is forbidden to drink this fruit in pregnancy. This is because the grape contains an element called resveratrol. This element is poisonous and is not suitable for the health of the pregnant woman. In pregnancy, the digestive system of women becomes a little weak due to which there can be difficulty in digesting the grapes.

Do Not Eat Bananas

Most people like banana, but keeping a distance from this fruit during pregnancy is good for health. Many women may be allergic to eating bananas. Bananas contain an element called latex. It can cause allergic reactions in the body as well as increase the temperature of the body. Therefore, it should be avoided during pregnancy.


Watermelon should not be eaten during pregnancy. Excess intake of watermelon can increase the sugar level, which can negatively affect the health of both the woman and the child. So it is better to avoid eating it.

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