Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses to Boost your Digital Marketing Skills

When in the field of marketing, every day, there is a new strategy, a new idea or a technique to apply. With all the advancements in technology, online courses are becoming the new trend. These save time and are a reliable source to consider if you have a job that does not allow you to move or travel much. As a digital marketer, most of my WoW packages data is consumed in taking various online digital marketing courses. So, here is a list for a few of those amazing free courses for you too.

Digital Marketing University Courses Online on edX

You can find more than 30 digital marketing courses here, and that too for free. Most of these courses are internationally reputed. That means that you can have quality content and that too for free. A few of the reputed university names here are Curtin, Delft, Wharton, University of Washington, etc. You can choose from a variety of courses, for example, social selling, digital strategy, marketing in a digital world, Facebook ads, and a variety of other digital marketing topics.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a platform to practice and hone your digital marketing skills. It offers multiple free online courses that can teach you how to use social media marketing tools effectively. It is no wonder that it has 6 million enrollments, in 75+ free digital marketing courses. The courses cover a variety of topics, from Instagram learning to creating awareness related to the field. You can simply choose a field, and Facebook Blueprint will recommend to you all the free available courses.

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Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage has all the necessary digital marketing courses here. Also, you can have a command over other skills like networking and online advertising techniques. Not only this, but it also offers free certification in the course Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The difficulty level is beginner, and you can learn all the basics about running an online business.

WordStream PPC University

A trusted online advertising platform, it is where you can find some amazing free courses. The difficulty level of the courses is professional, and it is ideal for you to join if you own a small or medium-size business company. They offer special courses for allocating budgets to small businesses.

Copyblogger Internet Marketing for Smart People Course

This 20-part course stands out from other free courses because of its email newsletter sending details. It gives you complete knowledge related to digital marketing. Copyblogger also offers a complete reference guide to help.

Alison Marketing Courses

A free course-offering learning platform, it has a huge topic variety. All you need is an email or a social media account to sign up. You can set up a learning pace of your own. Different topics on digital marketing include courses in marketing management, public relations, social media marketing, etc.

HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

Inbound marketing is the latest trend in digital marketing. HubSpot Academy is offering free marketing courses to create awareness among digital marketers on how to bring results using inbound marketing strategies and techniques. The course is very informative and offers helpful information like how to write an effective blog to target your customers.

Digital Marketing Training on Skillshare

This website offers a wide variety of courses, including some really useful ones on copywriting and blogging, amazon marketing, social media marketing, google analytics, Facebook advertising, and Google Data Studio, etc. Skillshare offers free access for two months, so these courses are free. After the two months’ free trial, you are required to pay the subscription fee to access thousands of their training programs and courses.

LinkedIn Learning – Lynda Digital Marketing Course

You can find a variety of free courses on LinkedIn, previously known as Lynda. You can find topics like Google Analytics training, content marketing foundations, SEO foundations, etc. The average tutorial length is up to 18 hours, and you can have a look before getting the paid subscription. The trainers include David Booth, Dayna Rohthman, Dina Shapiro, Brad Batesole, etc.

Traackr Academy of Influencer Marketing

Traackr’s Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM) offers a variety of free online courses. The course instructor is Shonali Burke from Johns Hopkins University. The course consists of five quizzes, 10 texts, five downloads, and a total of eight videos.

SEMrush Academy

This is a widely trusted and used website. You can find different free courses, lessons, and exams through the SEMrush Academy program. Major topics offered are SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc.   Hope you have already found one in this list that suits your needs. I just have to go and check my Wow internet availability to sign up for one of these! Stay tuned for more updates. Nice day!

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