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Titan has been in the market for a few decades now. During this time, the company has managed to manufacture products for every kind of painter, be it professionals, amateurs, people who want to DIY or contractors. Every product has its own set of features and configurations, that ensures that these products are technologically updated as per the need of time.

Titan has been successful in introducing various product line series, like powrcoat, powrbeast, etc. In the series of pavement marking titan launched the powrliner series. In this article, we will list down its features, specifications, models, and powrliner sprayer parts.


Spray guns are made for the sole purpose of making painting tasks easier for you. Therefore, if a certain machine or a paint sprayer is difficult to use, no one bothers to buy them. Contractors, painting professionals, maintenance personnel are not interested in using complicated machines.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the aim is to get the painting job done as quickly as possible. For this purpose, Titan launched this series of powrliner stripers which are dependable and an easy to use application to ensure it is perfect for all sorts of jobs.


The powrliner series has the ability to be quick and offers ease of use for contractors and amateurs. The following features give the powrliner series the ability to do what it does:


  • The machines have built-in technology that is versatile in the form of all the sprayer models offered by titan.
  • The powrliner series offers three models, the clutch-driven, hydraulic and sealed hydraulic.
  • The models work well with small or large projects.
  • Intelligent design improves the life of the machines.
  • It offers the best performance in the industry in marking pavements.
  • Offers the best return on investment.

  • Its is designed by contractors, for contractors
  • Increased durability
  • The latest engineering technology, such as Honda ensures ease of use.
  • Titan ensures dependability on its products

  • It offers unsurpassed service through various sales and representative centers.
  • It ensures reliability due to proven technology
  • The series offers the best and longest warranty in the industry
  • Powrliner sprayer parts increase the durability and life of the sprayers.


There are three main models launches in the powrliner series, which are discussed in detail below:

  1. Clutch Driven:

This model series is designed for inexperienced contractors and personnel whose need can be fulfilled by a basic line striper. These stripers are capable of delivering high pressure for spraying. These are ideal for small jobs on pavement, grass or turfs.


The clutch driven series has two sprayer models and below are their main features:

  • Powerliner 850:

  • These stripers are used for small and light jobs, e.g. parking lots, athletic fields, etc.
  • It has a Direct link pressure control
  • AutoOiler
  • The removable gun offers stenciling features
  • Adjustable front wheels
  • Powerline 2850:

  • The gun bracket position is versatile.
  • Long-lasting fluid section
  • Holds 5 gallons of paint pails.
  • Adjustable handles
  • Ease of use making it movable and portable.
  1. Sealed Hydraulic:

The following are the features of sealed Hydraulic sprayers:


  • Performance is maximized at 300 to 3300 PSI
  • Sureflo pusher valve makes priming easy
  • Wearguard elite offers a lifetime warranty for the pump
  • powrliner sprayer parts do not include clutch, piston, etc to wear or burn out.

  • Eliminates pressure fluctuations
  • Provides smooth finishing

  • The engine is quiet running and offers smooth performance with low vibrations
  • Low oil alert system.
  1. Hydraulic:

These sprayers are built for professional contractors who have large projects to complete. The sprayers in these series ensure completion of projects quickly and most profitably.


The following are the features of Hydraulic paint sprayers:

  • Speedflo Hydra drive technology:

  • Smooth and slow movements of this technology increase the life of the machine
  • External hydraulic fluid ports allow an easy field of service
  • JIC fittings
  • Severe service 900 pumps:

  • Tempered cylinder and piston rod increases the life of the machine
  • Self-adjusting packings
  • Removable foot valve
  • Intelligent Design:

  • The intelligent design consists of Powercenter features and deadlock handlebars.
  • Smartarm gun mount makes it easy to lift and do quick adjustments to the machine.
  • Honda engines:

  • The Honda engines provide exceptionally quite running engines.
  • Offers smooth performance with low vibrations
  • Low oil alert sensors

The Hydraulic series includes models; Powrliner 4955, Powrliner 6955, Powrliner 8955. All these models have the features mentioned above with slight specification differences.


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