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COVID-19 Cases Are On The Rise and This Is What WHO Is Recommending

Its been 6 months since the first COVID-19 case was reported and now that number has crossed over 4,500,000 cases with over 290,000 deaths. The curve is far from getting flat at the moment and as most of the countries are not following proper protocols another surge of cases are expected to hit. some say that it can be worse than the first wave. 

This is not something that hasn’t happened before when the Spanish flu hit 100 years back, they did the same mistake to give relaxation to people. The second wave of Spanish flu was worst then the first one. Most of the death cases that are being reported had some underlying health issue or they had a weaker immune system. This can be fixed if you follow a better diet and consume immune-boosting foods like beef bone broth. WHO also recommends that we should eat healthy foods and do workout regularly. 

As the cases are expected to rise even further. WHO has recommended some protocols that can help you to stay safe from this virus. Although these are not new as they have been saying this for the last few months. You can follow these simple steps and keep yourself safe from COVID-19. The main objective here is to contain the spread of this virus. 




Maintaining social distance is really important. World Health Organization has recommended that keeping a distance of at least 6 feet is important. This virus is contagious and can travel in the air as well. So wearing a mask and maintaining distance is important if you want to stay safe from COVID-19. One person can infect up to 3 people, in order to break this chain. Implementing social distancing is has become mandatory. 




Only one person of the family should go out to get their grocery and other household things. If all of you go out together then it will cause some problems. Breaking the chain is more important right now and if you are living in a country where people are not following social distancing then you should avoid going out. It’s a big risk that you will be taking. You can take precautions and then head out. 




An average person touches his face more then 1000 times in a day. This has to be controlled. Although at times you wont even know that you touched your face. WHO has recommended that you should avoid touching your face and try to wash them for 20 seconds. It requires at least 20 seconds to eliminate all the germs from your hands. You can look up the proper way to wash your hands. 




Keep a spray bottle of disinfectant at your door. So that when you return home, you can disinfect your clothes. This is really important as you will be able to save your family from all the germs that got stuck on your clothes while you were outside. As the life of COVID-19 varies on a different object, we can say that the average life of this virus is around 2-3 days. So you can touch any surface that might be contaminated. This is why the use of sanitizers and disinfectant are important. 




A lot depends on your immune system. As it is stated that most people who died due to coronavirus had an underlying health problem or a weak immune system. Some people might get infected and they won’t even know that they caught this virus. It’s because their immune system is strong. You can improve your immune system by doing 1 hour workout daily. Apart from that, following a healthy diet is also important. If you look at the benefits of bone broth, leafy veggies, and nuts. You will notice that such foods are beneficial for your immune system. 


As of now, we don’t know how long this can go. One thing is for sure that after all of this is over the human world will not be the same. It’s time that we change our priorities and improve the standards of our living. WHO has recommended has been recommending some of these things from the last few years. Washing your hands and doing regular workouts comes under their regular protocol. Still, we didn’t understand. Now it’s time to unite and look forward for a better and healthy future. 

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