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Tips On How To Save Money With A Swimming Pool Pump

Yes, you can save money with your inground swimming pool pump (or above ground swimming pool pump for that matter). Many people do not think about the costs of running a pool pump when they purchase and install a pool—however they should, as running a pump can cost hundreds of dollars a year or more.

Here are a few tips that you should consider in choosing your swimming pool pump system:

1. It is best to plan ahead. The best time to decide what type of pump to install is before the plans for your pool piping system are designed. This is because, with the proper system design, you can reduce the hydraulic resistance created by improper piping.

For example, if you have several harsh, 90 degree turns in your piping and filtration system, then that system will require more work from your pump to do its job. By simply designing the system right the first time, with the goal in mind to reduce such resistance, you will be able to purchase a smaller, less costly swimming pool filter pump.

2. Convert to a 2-speed or variable speed pool pump. These pumps may cost more upfront, but they will save you money month in and month out, which is good for both you and the environment. Dolphin premium cheap automatic pool cleaners best for the swimming pool.

3. Don’t buy a swimming pool heat pump that is too big for your pool. This is possibly one of the biggest mistakes people make. Most people think that bigger is better, so why not go bigger….well, with a pump for your swimming pool this is not true. Why pay for more than what you need? Other than to give the salesperson a bigger take-home check, there isn’t any reason.

4. If possible, don’t run your pump 24 hours a day. This can be tricky, so be careful when taking this advice. Some studies have shown that it’s possible to pump for less than 6 hours per day, or pump intermittently, and still maintain a clean, clear pool. Because of this, they recommend that you do so to save money.

However, I find two problems with this.

  • One, unless you use your pool on a set schedule, then you probably shouldn’t have your pumping done on a set schedule. That is unless you want to spend a fortune on chemicals to treat your pool back to health every time your son throws a pool party that he ‘forgot’ to tell you about.
  • Second, while this may work, it will be harder to keep your pool clean of debris and keep your chemicals in balance, no matter what people say.

However, if you rarely use your pool and when you do you use it at the same time, then this may work for you.

5. Backwash properly and keep your filters and grates clean. Swimming pool pumps don’t work well when things are clogging the pipes and filters, so clean these out periodically. Backwashing properly will keep your system running better as well, just be sure not to backwash too much or you will end up just wasting money and water.

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